Envirolet FlushSmart VF Vacuum Flush Composting Toilet System


Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ is the first vacuum flush and composting toilet system combo. It is a fusion of proven sanitation technologies that is not only modern in function and appearance but can be installed almost anywhere.

Function & style in your bathroom
A revolution in the composting toilet industry that shatters any misconceptions about what composting toilet system can be by bringing both function & style to the bathroom. Choose from one of two toilet bowl designs.

Gravity not required
With an Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ System you can actually flush up to 70' away and up 12'! This eliminates some of the installation issues faced in certain locations.

Advantages of Flushsmart VF
• Environment-friendly. Recycles waste into compost.
• Wallet-friendly. Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ systems are an economical sanitation solution, especially compared to the alternatives.
• A truly modern toilet in both looks and function.
• Uses less water than other flush toilets by flushing with as little as 0.2L of water per flush.
• Aerates and pulverizes waste better than all other systems for faster composting-action.
• Installs easily where others cannot (basements, cottages on rock, work shops, etc.).
• Plug & Play ready-to-install for simple & quick connection!


• Easy-to-Access Electrical Parts. Compare to others.


New! Double Tank Models

Sancor continues to innovate and has added another advancement to the composting toilet industry. Check out our new high capacity double tank models that are now available. Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ Double Systems feature two composting units (12VDC or 120VAC) to create our highest capacity system. A clever Y-Connection divides the waste entering between composting tanks. The ultra low 0.2L flush, rapid Envirolet® aeration & evaporation ability in each tank and the extra capacity of double tanks significantly reduce or even eliminate (in 120VAC models only) the need for an excess liquid drain under certain operating conditions.


Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere

Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ can be installed in any application that any other Envirolet® System can be installed. But, there are some applications where only an Envirolet® FlushSmart™ VF™ will work, including:
• Cottage or home installations on rock or with little or no room below
• Basements, Garages, Work Shops, Pool Cabanas, Yurts
• Applications where a smaller toilet is neeeded or desired

Need help choosing

Use the chart below to select the model that works in your application.

And More...
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• Add the FlushSmart™ VF™ winter kit or learn about winterizing your system in Envirolet® Online Manual.
• All systems require an excess liquid drain. Draining information.