Premium waterless & composting toilets


Compact and high value.


Robust & fully accessible public toilet.


Even more environmentally friendly design.

* Kazuba prices exclude VAT and delivery which is around £495


 Allotments, golf courses, fisheries & camping and glamping sites

Delivered to you in 6 weeks

Air Head composting toilets

Compact circular design will fit anywhere.

Simply install an Air Head Composting Toilet on your boat or motorhome and travel any distance, anywhere.

Easy to use and look after.

How does it work?


(including VAT)


Envirolets low water composting toilet system

Did you know you could have a ceramic toilet pan on a composting toilet?

Enviolet offers this plus the ability to have the composting unit in separate room from the toilet pan so you wouldn't even know it's a composting toilet.

Ideal for homeslog cabins, glamping pods and loads of remote housings.