Allotment toilets

Allotment toiletAllotments benefit hugely from having a decent toilet installed but are often not within reach of the main sewerage system. Waterless toilets present the ideal solution for these kinds of sites by providing a clean, odour free, 'off grid' toilet which functions without water, electricity or chemicals.

We have helped several allotment associations and Local Authorities site, specify and install allotment toilets all over the UK.

The real advantage for allotment associations at the moment is that it is now possible to get a grant to cover the full cost of purchasing and installing a waterless toilet on an allotment site. Certain grant making bodies look specifically for projects which encourage exercise, get people out of the house, help them get involved in nature and increase these options for women and the less able - and installing a toilet on an allotment satisfies all of these criteria.

If you would like more information about which grant bodies may be able to help you fund the installation of a toilet on your plot, please contact us for more information.