Case Study – Air Head on a Yacht

In June 2020, WooWoo delivered an Air Head to Amanda and Paul whilst they were docked for an extended period in Crete during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have a 30 foot sailing vessel and had been thinking about changing to a compost toilet. With the lock-down, plans were accelerated!

With limited space in the head, they chose the Air Head Marine with Hull cut out (see picture at the bottom) and small urine bottle (available as an option). The cut out on the lower rear enables the Air Head to fit over a sloping wall or other obstructions, and the smaller urine bottle sticks out less to the front and sides.

Amanda told us that although they had been discussing the change (to a compost toilet) anyway, they decided to go ahead at this time, mainly in case they were locked-down on the boat with no access to toilet facilities.

The photo shows the Air Head, as installed by Amanda and Paul, in the tiny space, with one of the small urine bottles attached and a spare by the side. The Air Head is incredibly robust, being manufactured from roto-moulded plastic and marine-grade stainless steel fittings for maximum durability and long life.

Amanda compiled this list of definite pros for a compost toilet:

  • Removable solids bucket and wee bottle for easy disposal.
  • Being able to move the whole toilet, if necessary.
  • Therefore it is very easy to clean the loo and surrounding area.
  • No through-hull holes necessary for sea cocks.
  • Therefore no maintenance and no possible leaks!
  • Able to use the toilet in anchorages and even in a marina, if necessary.
  • No lingering smell from hoses to seacocks, and the cost of replacing them.

Amanda and Paul have done a great job installing the Air Head Marine on their vessel and will continue to benefit from the resilience that a high quality compost toilet provides.

Click here for more details on the Air Head Marine.

Air Head Marine Hull Side Dimensions

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