Villa 9020 Accessory Kit


Villa 9020 Accessory Kit


Separett item code: 1227-01

The Villa 9020 Accessory Kit is for use with the Villa 9020 Compost Toilet. It includes a 50 litre container to be installed outside the property, underneath the Villa 9020 compost toilet.

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The Villa 9020 Accessory Kit includes the parts needs to install an underfloor solids collection chamber (accessible from the outside), ideal where your building has sufficient ground clearance. In addition to being accessible from the outside, the solids container has over twice the capacity of the container within the Villa 9000 or 9010 so needs emptying much less often.

Included Parts:

  • 2 x 50 Litre solids containers

  • Lid with hole for solids pipe (approx 160mm external diameter)

  • Lid without hole (to allow one container to ‘sit’)

  • 160mm external diameter solids ‘chute’, approx. 1.25 metre long (can be cut to size)

  • Connecting ring (attaches/detaches solids ‘chute’ to container)

  • Roll of solid container liners

  • Installation accessories

Although it’s not essential to use this with the Villa 9020 - you are free to make up your own collection system for under the toilet, this does make installation straightforward.

We suggest that the minimum distance between the underside of the floor and the ground (upon which the solids container sits) should be 730mm to allow free movement of the connecting ring.

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