WooWoo GT LUX Porcelain Pedestal Composting Toilet - Starter Pack

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The WooWoo GT LUX is a low-maintenance batch composting toilet system that comes with a porcelain pedestal for that ‘at home’ feeling. Ideal for campsites, glamping locations, forest schools, allotments and community gardens, as well as domestic dwellings.



The WooWoo GT LUX Starter Pack is available either with 2 x 120-litre or 2 x 330-litre composting containers, and comes with a porcelain drop-through toilet pedestal for the ultimate in ‘at-home’ luxury and durability with a full composting toilet!

The GT LUX means you can have a composting toilet without the need for water or sewerage connections. Composting takes place within the WooWoo GT container so when it comes time to empty, you are only ever handling compost. Odours are removed with either the non-electric wind fan (for installations in out-buildings etc) or the mains electric fan (for installations within the fabric of a dwelling).

The WooWoo GT LUX requires sufficient clearance under the floor for access to the composting container, however, all the user sees is the elegant porcelain toilet pedestal. Because it doesn’t rely on a urine separator, it’s easy for people to use with minimal instructions, and cleaning is simple and straightforward.

  • elegant porcelain toilet pedestal – all the comfort and feeling of home
  • efficient composting ability
  • serviced in minutes – low maintenance
  • endless capacity with spare containers
  • handy size, easy to move with wheels and sturdy handles
  • durable and reliable in use
  • no need for special instructions for users
  • choose either the wind-fan or 230v fan according to the installation
  • available in 120-litre or 330-litre capacities
  • designed and made in Finland with a proven track record across the world in all climates
  • can be installed close to watercourses*

Each of the containers has a unique capillary base that regulates moisture content in the solids mass above, ensuring perfect conditions for efficient composting. With two containers in the starter kit, one can be ‘in use’ whilst the other is ‘composting’ the contents. Additional containers can be purchased to increase the capacity as needed.

How does the WooWoo GT Lux work?

The WooWoo GT LUX is a composting toilet system that catches all the solid and liquid matter (no need to use a urine separator), making it incredibly simple and foolproof to use and ideal for locations that have multiple or public users.

The unique capillary base allows some of the excess liquids to be absorbed back to the composting mass, just like underwatering flower pots. This unique self-regulating feature of the WooWoo GT LUX speeds up the composting process significantly – efficient composting requires that the mass inside the container is neither too wet nor too dry. Excess ‘seep’ liquid runs out either into a container (for periodic emptying) or to a small soakaway pit.

When the first container is full, it is moved out and replaced with an empty one. The full container has a different lid put on and the contents are left to complete the composting process (which will have already started). After a suitable period of time, the contents can be emptied and left to mature for a while longer, eventually to be used as a mulch around trees and bushes. Alternatively, the contents can be emptied out at any time and transferred to another compost bin/area if you want to return one of the containers back to service before the contents are fully composted.

The capillary base, together with the efficient ventilation system, means the WooWoo GT LUX is odourless, pleasant and simple to use, making it ideal as a communal toilet on a campsite, glamping site, forest school, community garden or allotment, or even in a remote dwelling.

Doesn’t it smell?

No. The unique features of the WooWoo GT LUX, such as the capillary base, ensure that the contents don’t get saturated so efficient composting can take place. Added to this, the active ventilation system draws odours out of the container and assists in evaporating moisture.

You can choose from the wind-powered fan for completely off-grid installations or the mains electric fan. When installing the WooWoo GT LUX within the fabric of a dwelling, or where the ventilation pipe cannot go completely vertically, we suggest the mains powered fan for absolute odour removal. If you choose the ‘no fan’ option, you MUST provide some form of assisted ventilation to remove odours.

How to use the WooWoo GT LUX

For the user, the WooWoo GT LUX is simple to use – they just ‘go’ as they would with any other toilet – there’s no requirement for men to sit down as it doesn’t rely on separation of liquids and solids at point of use. After every solid use, they add a scoop of cover material (like fine wood shavings or the sawdust from chainsawing). That’s all there is to do!

Alternatively, the operator can add some cover material (wood shavings) at the end of each day.

How to maintain the WooWoo GT LUX

For the operator, the WooWoo GT LUX is a low maintenance solution for providing an off-grid, waterless toilet facility. If you run the seep/leachate into a soak-away pit, all you need to do is occasionally inspect how full the main composting container is. If the seep/leachate is collected, then that container will need to be checked every week and emptied accordingly.

When the WooWoo GT LUX container is full, swapping to a new container should only take a few minutes. Slide the full container from the building by first detaching the flexible part of the vent pipe and the leachate tube. Depending on the building configuration, the ‘chute’ that connects the toilet seat to the container will need to be released.

Now you can pull the container backwards and out. Depending on the operator, the GT 120 can usually be moved by one person, although the GT 330 will need two people.

What’s the capacity of the WooWoo GT LUX?

The actual capacity depends on a number of factors including ambient temperature and wind speeds (as these have an effect on moisture evaporation rates), however with the WooWoo GT LUX 120, you should expect around 250 solid uses per container and with the GT LUX 330, expect around 800 solid uses per container. The amount of urine does not have a significant impact on overall capacity as any excess liquid will come out as leachate or be re-absorbed into the composting mass.

Capacity will be reduced in winter due to slowing of the composting process, lower ambient temperature and lower evaporation rates.

Extending the capacity

If you need additional capacity, you can purchase extra containers with composting lids from our website, as and when needed.

When you remove a container from use, it will have already started the composting process (this typically gets underway when the container is around one-quarter full). We generally recommend the container sits to compost for at least six months before being emptied. If you need or wish to empty the container sooner, the contents should be transferred to another container to complete the composting process and to ensure they are completely safe.

What comes with the WooWoo GT LUX?

The WooWoo GT LUX comprises the following items:

  • 2 x robust composting containers with capillary base – either 120-litre or 330-litre capacity per container
  • Porcelain toilet pedestal (non-separating)
  • Ventilation pipes 3 x 100 cm (inc. fixtures and a ventilation hat)
  • Waste shaft 100 cm, diam 20 cm
  • Bag of dry material
  • Flexible seep/leachate tube

In addition, you can choose either of these ventilation options:

  • AirRoxy duct fan (three speed levels) 230v indoor/outdoor
  • Wind-fan – highly efficient in black finish
  • No fan – in which case, you MUST provide some form of active ventilation to remove odours.


Click on the links below to download the file:

Measurements [link to be added soon]

User Manual [link to be added soon]

Additional information

Weight 40 kg

120 Litre, 330 Litre


230v Electric Inline, Wind-fan (black), No fan


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