Properly installed and maintained, a compost toilet will smell no more than a flushing toilet, and in some cases, even less (due to the active ventilation system)!

We sell a variety of different types of compost toilet, and each type has it’s own methods, but some of the general principles are as follows:

Separett and Air Head products are relatively small and separate the urine from the faeces at the point of use with a special design of toilet bowl. Keeping the solids relatively dry within the container is the first step in odour control for small toilets. A low-powered electrical fan, running continuously, draws fresh air into the toilet and pushes any foul air outside where it quickly dissipates in the atmosphere. In addition, the Air Head uses a coir block and a mixing system that breaks up solids, aerates them and coats it in the coir medium.

WooWoo GT models actually compost within the container (which is why we supply two containers – one to fill and and the other ‘resting’ and composting. To do that, they use a carbon-based cover material (added either at point of use, or weekly by the operator). This works with the nitrogen in the faeces and urine to start the composting process. In addition, the amount of moisture is automatically regulated by the unique false base which lets excess liquids down into the lower base. When the container is around one third full, composting will be happening automatically – this will also reduce the odours as the bacteria that do the composting also consume the odour producing elements. A fan (wind powered or electric according to your needs) takes away excess moisture and odours.

Alectura works in a similar way to the WooWoo GT. Excess moisture passes through the system and out of the bases. A powered ventilation fan takes away both odour and moisture.

Kazuba has a basket under the toilet bowl that initially catches everything. Due to the well designed airflow system, fresh air is drawn down the toilet bowl and over the basket, where it will evaporate much of the liquids and carry away any odours. When the first basket is full, it’s slid to the rear of the chamber, where it sits in the airflow for a further period of time and the contents are dried out.

With all waterless toilets, it’s important to ensure you get the right one, matched to the expected use and maintenance expectations. WooWoo has a great team of people who will be able to help you make the best choice – get in contact to find out more.