In simple terms, it uses an electric heating element to evaporate urine and incinerate solids to a small amount of hygienic ash.

When you use the toilet and press the button to start the incineration program, the heating element is turned on to raise the temperature within the incineration chamber to 550ºC (this cycle takes 35-40 mins depending on the ambient air temperature). At this point, the incineration cycle starts – on the BASIC, this runs for about 40 minutes, and on the FAMILY it’s 20 minutes for the ‘small’ program and 40 minutes for the ‘big’ program. Once complete, the fan will continue to run at full power for 20 minutes or so until the temperature inside has dropped to under 90ºC.

Other people can use the toilet whilst it’s on an incineration cycle – it’s important that they still press the appropriate incinerate button when they’re done so that the toilet can add an additional incineration time to the program to ensure the contents are fully incinerated.