It depends on which model you have and your preferences in terms of composting or disposing of the contents.

The Separett Tiny has the smallest solids container and will need emptying after 7-10 days of full-time use by one person. The Separett Villa will last between 6-8 weeks with the same usage and the Separett Villa Extend, with associated 50-litre solids container will be around twice that.

The amount of toilet paper being used will also affect the overall capacity, more so with the Tiny. You can, of course, empty the solids container at any time you choose – there’s no need to wait until it’s full. In a glamping installation, the site operator is likely to want to empty the toilet on guest changeover day.

The urine container in the Separett Tiny should be emptied every 1 – 2 days even if it’s not full. Urine will tend to deposit a ‘scale’ inside the container if left.


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