Normally, urine flows away quickly (within seconds). If you’re experiencing any problems, check the following:

Is the urine pipe installed correctly? Does the urine pipe outside the toilet have sufficient slope? We recommend a slope of about 1 cm per metre.

Check whether the collection container, soak-away pit or infiltration bed is not full or fouled in some way.

Over time, there is a risk that as urine drains it coats the inside of pipes with salts and minerals. The Separett Cleaning Kit for urine separating toilets is supplied with a product that is ideal for solving these issues. We also recommend using the Separett Bio-Drain tablets which are placed in the urine bowl and will help prevent the build up.

Commercial drain unblocking products can be used, but with caution, and only when standard cleaning etc has not worked.

In the worst case you may need to replace the urine drain pipework to remedy the error. The internal pipework on the Villa can be purchased as a spare part.

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