There are loads of benefits to having a compost toilet! Here’s just a few:

  • Waterless – water can be a very precious resource, even in the UK! The huge amount water we use for flushing our toilets, is processed, treated and cleaned to make it safe to drink, so comes with a fairly large carbon footprint. Equally the sewage treatment process uses a lot of energy.
  • Doesn’t create sewage – in many places where you might want to have a toilet, there simply isn’t an option to connect to a sewer system
  • Can be uses and installed almost anywhere – because you’re not relying on water and sewage connections, you have much more flexibility on where to place your waterless toilet
  • Creates compost – a valuable resource that is often lost down the drain. Composting makes human ‘waste’ into a safe and nutritious material that will gently feed plants and trees
  • Use less energy – many of our toilets don’t need electricity, whilst those that do, generally consume only a tiny amount of power to run an extraction fan


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