Generally don’t worry. The precise answer depends on which type of toilet you have and how much diarrhoea is present.

With Kazuba toilets, you don’t need to do anything. The system can easily cope with diarrhoea and it poses no issues in terms of odour or the need to change the baskets etc.

With the WooWoo GT and Alectura composting toilets, you’re probably OK to do nothing more than add a sprinkling of wood shavings (or whatever your chosen cover material is) – this will visually cover everything up (not that you can necessarily see inside anyway!), but the dry cover material will help absorb excess liquids.

With small urine-diverting toilets like the Separett Villa and Tiny, and the Air Head, you can either add some dry material (like wood shavings to sawdust) to act as a soak and visual cover. In severe cases of diarrhoea, you may wish to empty the solids container early.


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