Air Head details & dimensions

Here are a few images that show the dimension of each Air Head design, click the images to enlarge.

Air Head front dimensions

Air Head standard side dimensions

Standard vs Marine

All Air Heads are largely the same size however there are a few differences to be aware of. The Air Head Standard, dimensions above, have a standard household sized toilet pan, so the experience is not much different to using a porcelain flush-and-forget toilet. The Air Head Marine version however has the brackets at the back of the toilet pan repositioned so that the toilet fits flush against the back wall, this compromises the size of the the toilet pan reducing it slightly. We recommend the Air Head Standard simply because we're more likely to have them in stock however if you're really short on space then the Air Head Marine is for you.

Air Head Marine dimensions below.

Air Head Marine 

Air Head Marine with hull shaped solids tank

Hull Version

*A hull shaped version of the solids tank is also available. Send us an email for more information.

Fan Housing Options

 Right Angled Fan Housing

Right Angled Fan Housing

 Straight Fan Housing

Straight Fan Housing