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Eco-friendly waterless and composting toilets for all kinds of off-grid purposes

Odourless compost loos for various types of off-grid purposes, from luxury cabins right down to DIY solutions. Discover our comprehensive catalogue of public and private eco-toilets for allotments, community gardens, golf courses, parks, beaches, fisheries, wedding venues, playgrounds, car parks, churches, camping and glamping sites, schools, wind and solar farms, narrowboats, motorhomes, van conversions, homes, gardens, huts, log cabins and many other uses.

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Most Popular Compost Toilets

The WooWoo GT LUX is a low-maintenance batch composting toilet system that comes with a porcelain pedestal for that ‘at home’ feeling. Ideal for campsites, glamping locations, forest schools, allotments and community gardens, as well as domestic dwellings. High capacity and easy maintenance.

The all-new, award-winning Separett Tiny combines Separett’s 40 years of experience of odour-free, urine-diverting waterless toilets into a compact, modern and attractive compost toilet that’s perfectly suited to smaller spaces like tiny homes, narrowboats, caravans, camper vans, shepherd’s huts, garden offices and the like.

The ever popular Separett Villa is the perfect urine-diverting waterless toilet for use in urban and rural off-grid settings, such as houses, gardens, cabins, AirBnB’s or campsites. With a generous capacity, stylish design and simple odour-free operation, this toilet is both easy to install and maintain.

With its robust, compact design and high quality manufacturing, the Air Head is the urine-diverting compost toilet of choice for many people in mobile environments like boats and camper vans. The 12-volt fan keeps odours at bay and the generous solids tank capacity means you’ll be spending less time maintaining it. Available with a standard or compact seat.

The WooWoo Loo is a complete off-grid, waterless compost toilet solution that’s delivered and installed on your site by our skilled team. Ideal if you need to provide a low use, high quality toilet facility in a location away from mains sewers, water and/or electricity, e.g. in your garden, stables, allotment, glamping site, or retreat centre, etc.

Compact, high quality cabin complete with Kazuba’s innovative waterless toilet system which uses sun and wind to dry and evaporate waste. Extremely low maintenance and completely autonomous, this popular design has been installed in hundreds of locations such as golf courses, solar farms, fishing lakes, campsites, etc.

Spacious and robust cabin complete with Kazuba’s award-winning waterless toilet system which uses sun and wind to dry and evaporate waste. With a high capacity and low maintenance requirements, the luxurious KL2 is the perfect eco-toilet for public use on beaches, playgrounds, car parks, hiking trails, allotments, etc.


Waterless, odourless, and completely off-grid. The WooWoo GT  is the perfect high capacity, low maintenance composting toilet solution! Designed to enable composting to take place within the container so the operator is only handling fully composted material.

Popular Brands

The WooWoo Loo is a complete off-grid-waterless toilet solution comprising a sturdy wooden cabin, modern urine-diverting compost toilet, and a solar system to keep it all running and odour-free.

Premium dry toilet systems that come with eco-friendly wooden cabins. Kazuba’s award-winning high capacity system makes it perfect for public spaces. Sun and wind-powered, so no need for water, electricity or chemicals. A real crowd-pleaser!
Separett has been the market leader for 40 years with a wide range of waterless and compost toilets. Their award-winning products are designed and manufactured in Sweden and are suitable for use in a wide variety of situations, both domestic and commercial.

The most compact compost toilet in the world, Air Head has a glowing reputation for being the premium waterless toilets for narrowboats, yachts and motor homes.

With a high capacity and requiring very little maintenance, the WooWoo GT is a flexible composting toilet solution which can be combined with your own custom-made cabin or one that you buy from us. Also available with a porcelain pedestal for the ultimate in comfort. The possibilities are endless.


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