Best compost toilet for Churches

Lavatories are often a sorely missed feature at rural churches. Historically, it has been a challenge to provide toilet facilities for the congregation and for events with a larger attendance such as weddings and funerals. 

WooWoo Waterless Toilets have a range of appropriate solutions to fit any budget and need. These include high-capacity, low-maintenance compost toilets that can easily deal with larger numbers of people without any problems.

With an efficient waterless toilet solution, your church can be confident about hosting larger events, knowing that visitors will be able to make themselves ‘comfortable’ when needed!

Our recommendations for composting toilets for churches

Separett Villa compost toilet

The Separett Villa is a urine-diverting waterless toilet that’s ideal for lower-use situations. Urine is diverted to a soak-away pit (outside) or drain and odours are taken out through a 75mm vent pipe. It can be easily installed inside a church building (subject to being able to run the vent and urine pipes out) or in an external building. The small fan requires a little bit of electricity which can come from the mains (if available) or a solar panel and battery.

WooWoo Loo

The WooWoo Loo range is a carefully curated selection of buildings and waterless toilets for a wide variety of off-grid situations. We offer a variety of styles from compact to accessible, to double cubicle and they’re all great value for money and high performance. Installation services are available.

WooWoo GT & GT LUX

When you need a greater capacity together with low maintenance, the WooWoo GT and WooWoo GT LUX are ideal. These high capacity units (available in two sizes) promote batch composting within the container, so the operator will be handling finished compost and not human waste. The efficient ventilation system takes away odours and the special capillary action base ensures moisture levels are maintained at the ideal level for efficient composting. The WooWoo GT LUX includes a porcelain pedestal for that ‘at home’ feeling. 

The WooWoo GT does require space beneath the toilet for the batch composting containers to sit. You can build your own building to accommodate the WooWoo GT, or we can provide a complete solution of building and toilet, delivered and installed on your site.

We now have a range of cabins for the WooWoo GT, including single, double and wheelchair-friendly.


Kazuba is our premier solution for churches and comes in two versions, the KL1 and KL2. 

Whilst the KL1 has an attractive and compact design, the KL2 is an ‘accessible’ toilet with a large curved sliding door, ideal for wheelchair and less-abled users. 

Kazuba is completely off-grid and needs no electricity, water or sewage connections while maintenance requirements are extremely low. Using the action of the wind and sun, the Kazuba system evaporates the urine into the air and dries the solid waste to reduce the volume. 

Kazuba doesn’t require any special instructions for users (for example men don’t have to sit down to urinate) as the separation of liquid and solid waste is done within a chamber under the toilet. 

Kazuba waterless toilets have been installed all over the UK. You can either use our own approved installation contractors, or your own.


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