About WooWoo

Our Vision and Mission


To empower communities and individuals with sustainable alternatives where traditional toilet systems fail, overcoming psychological barriers in the process.


Providing the highest quality waterless toilets through unparalleled customer service and education, making sustainable sanitation accessible and convenient for everyone.

The WooWoo Way


We’re not just another retailer; we’re a curator of excellence in waterless toilet technology. Our approach is discerning and meticulous, ensuring only the best products make it to our portfolio. Unlike bigger marketplaces (like Amazon), WooWoo’s experts handpick each product, adhering to strict standards of quality and functionality. This selective process guarantees that our customers receive nothing but the best.


Innovation is key to changing perceptions and breaking down psychological barriers, making waterless toilets not just acceptable but desirable. We strive to keep our products appealing, functional, and user-friendly with as few compromises as possible. This means we are constantly exploring new ways to enhance the user experience.


Our advisory service sets us apart, offering personalised guidance from (human!) industry experts. We understand that navigating the world of waterless toilets can be daunting, which is why our team is dedicated to helping each customer find the perfect fit for their specific needs, whether it’s for a high volume heritage site or a private garden office.


Integrity is at the core of everything we do. We believe in being transparent about the strengths and limitations of each of our products. This honesty ensures our customers end up with the right product for them and has fostered a deep trust in our brand. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers, not simply by our sales figures.

Why Toilets?

Toilets are not just a question of convenience, but one of our most fundamental rights. Yet, a surprising number of people still face challenges in accessing safe and hygienic sanitation facilities, even in the UK where the shortage of accessible toilets disproportionately affects millions, including those with disabilities or bowel conditions, the elderly, families with young children and people in remote or underserved areas.

At first glance, the importance of toilets might seem minor, yet their absence has profound effects on daily life, limiting freedom and dignity for many people. From the families forced to limit their time at allotments or playing fields, to the women avoiding golf memberships as they refuse to go in the bushes like the men. Consider also the student with IBS unable to join the PE class with no toilets near the sports pitches, or the individual in a wheelchair who can’t enjoy the local park with no access to facilities, or indeed the elderly who can’t risk leaving the safety of their home to visit the cemetery or church.

Toilets often have a powerful impact on the people and communities they serve, allowing them the freedom to access their favourite places for longer, be it an allotment, golf course, playing field, van conversion or garden office.

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Research from bladder care company Jude has found that 67% of women and half of men have deliberately dehydrated themselves as a result of no toilet access. And 41% of these say this has led to health issues such as urinary tract infections, bladder and kidney problems.

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A 2019 report from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), found that for 20% of people, fear of or knowledge of a lack of facilities nearby can tie them to within a small distance of their home, acting as a “loo leash”. And for those with medical conditions requiring more frequent toilet use, this figure rises to 43%.

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The BTA (British Toilet Association) estimates that the UK has lost around 50% of its public toilets since 2010, mainly due to council budget cuts.

Why Waterless?

Traditional flushing toilets and sewage systems are not only heavy consumers of one of our planet’s most precious resources – water – but also contribute to a range of environmental and infrastructural challenges. Each full flush consumes up to 12 litres of clean, treated water; a wasteful practice in an era of increasing water scarcity.
Additionally, our sewage systems require extensive, energy-intensive treatment processes and infrastructure. Worst of all, our sewage system wasn’t built for the volumes of our modern population, and is now causing constant sewage overflows which are contaminating our rivers, oceans and ecosystems.

Waterless toilets not only negate the requirement for all of the above; they provide an opportunity for reusing the nutrients of both urine and faeces through composting, creating a more responsible and circular approach to managing our bodily outputs.

There are around 22,000 sewage overflows in the UK (excluding Scotland)


In 2022 there were over 399,864 discharges of untreated sewage into UK rivers

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75% of UK rivers pose a serious risk to human health

Why Compost?

The concept of composting our bodily output often prompts curiosity and, in many cases, scepticism. However, once you understand the benefits of composting toilets, you will see why we believe they are not just an alternative, but often a superior choice for managing human ‘waste’. Our waterless toilets offer genuinely ecologically sound solutions that use natural processes to transform ‘waste’ into a resource, with very little, if any, energy.

As our very own Martin Doyle explains: “A key concept with composting is to understand that it’s nature’s great nutrient recycling scheme and has been going on for literally millions of years. Left long enough, anything that was once living, will compost and add nutrients and structure back to the soil. It’s one of the fundamental cycles of life that make our Earth habitable and regenerative.”

Composting toilets are not just a conveniece, they’re about taking responsibility for our own outputs, treating them as a resource rather than a problem for someone else to deal with, and making choices that ultimately benefit our planet.

“The key to WooWoo’s success has been the exceptional people that work here. Every member of our team genuinely cares about our customers and are driven to go the extra mile. Seeing the transformative impact our work has on communities is what makes it all worth it and I couldn’t be prouder of the team.”

Jacob Andersen, WooWoo owner

Getting to a Billion by 2030

With over 3,000 waterless toilets sold, we are proud of our contribution towards having already saved an estimated 330 million litres of perfectly clean drinking water which would otherwise have been flushed away. This achievement is a direct result of our vision of promoting a more sustainable approach to sanitation, and we aim for our toilets to contribute towards saving a billion litres of clean drinking water by 2030.

litres of water saved by 2030

The WooWoo Team

Jacob Andersen -
Managing Director

As well as managing WooWoo’s day-to-day operations, Jacob also oversees the Kazuba side of things.

Martin Doyle -
Product Manager

Martin is our very own walking compost toilet encyclopaedia, having sold Separett for many years and even previously making his own toilet range.

Sean Conley -
Sales and Customer Service

Another fountain of knowledge (but with an American accent), Sean is keen to help you with all your toilet needs... within reason, of course!

Gemma Roe - Marketing and Business Development

With her infectious energy and knack for the art of storytelling, Gemma is responsible for making you aware of our innovative solutions.

Hayley Ellner -
Administrative & Logistics Assistant

Hayley is our super organised and slightly crazy (see picture) admin lady who loves nothing more than solving all our problems with her magical Excel formulas.

Rima Andersen -
Optimisation Specialist

More nerdy stuff - Rima ensures that you are able to easily find our website when you're searching through Google.

Joel Cormack -
Freelance Engineer

When he is not busy travelling the world, Joel fixes all our technical issues with his nerdy superpowers.

WooWoo Clients

Some of our high profile clients include English Heritage, Natural England, NatureScot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage), The National Trust, The RSPB, The Wildlife Trusts, The RNLI, Thames Water, University of Bristol Botanic Garden, Loch Lomond Golf Club, Lightsource, The Natural History Museum, House Of Hackney, Jimmy’s Farm, Broughton Sanctuary and numerous allotments, camping and glamping sites, golf clubs, solar farms, nature reserves, fisheries, councils, wildlife trusts, charities and community projects.

98% Customer Satisfaction

We are proud of the consistent positive feedback we receive from our customers and work hard to ensure everyone receives the best in terms of both product and service. 98.08% of the hundreds of customer reviews we have received are positive. You can read more about what our customers say about WooWoo on Google, in our shop (product reviews) and on our testimonials page.

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