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The Bumper: Portable Public Eco-Toilet

Discover the Bumper, an innovative waterless toilet system that stands apart with its solar-powered conveyor belt technology to effectively eliminate odours by separating solid from liquid waste.
What sets the Bumper apart from other Kazuba systems is its portability, allowing it to be relocated as needed throughout its long lifespan. Offering wheelchair accessibility, this self-sufficient unit requires no water or electrical connections, simplifying installation and maintenance.
The Bumper proudly eliminates the need for nasty chemicals, making it a truly eco-friendly option. This is not just a toilet, it’s a step towards a more sustainable future in public sanitation.
The Bumper can accommodate up to
visits before emptying is required
Kazuba Kaab View From Back with Yellow Water Container
Kazuba Kaab Front View with Blue Water Container
Kazuba Kaab Rear View with Green Water Container

Add a touch of c o l o u r

Kazuba Kaab Side View
Kazuba Kaab Side View with Lime Green Water Container
Kazuba Kaab Front View

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How does the bumper toilet work?

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Kaab on a forklift

Ready to serve wherever it's needed

The Bumper’s standout feature is its portability. Unlike fixed public toilets, the units can be conveniently relocated as per your requirements. Whether you need to move it for special events or reposition it based on changing needs, the task is as simple as using a forklift truck or lifting it using its dedicated roof hooks. The Bumper remains easy to move even after use, making it a dynamic and flexible solution for adaptable sanitation needs. 

Disability-friendly design - Embrace inclusivity with the Bumper

The Bumper prioritises accessibility, ensuring all users, including those with disabilities, can comfortably use the facility. The unit is equipped with thoughtful features including a grab bar, hooks, hand sanitiser and toilet paper dispensers, an adjustable door closer and a latch. Furthermore, a solar-powered light automatically illuminates the cabin, enhancing safety and usability. For added convenience and accessibility, there’s an option to include a disabled ramp, making the Bumper welcoming to all.

Disabled access ramp available​

Where can I put the Bumper?

The Bumper toilet’s portability and innovative design make it an ideal choice for a wide range of locations. High footfall areas such as markets, town centres, and playgrounds can greatly benefit from this eco-friendly facility. Car parks and school events, where temporary sanitation solutions are often required, are perfect settings for the Bumper. Sporting events and building sites will also find the unit valuable due to its robustness and easy maintenance. Natural spaces like parks, carnivals, nature reserves and hiking trails can maintain their pristine condition with the Bumper’s waterless, chemical-free operation.


Town Center


Car Parks


Sporting Events

Building Sites


Nature Reserves

Kaab smart system

The Data-Collecting Toilet: A Smart Investment

Our toilet is equipped with technology that collects usage data to monitor fill levels. This data feeds into a proprietary algorithm, accurately estimating when the unit needs to be emptied next. Not only does this eliminate guesswork and prevent overflow, it also allows for efficient scheduling of maintenance services. This data-driven approach ensures optimal operation, enhances user experience, and saves on unnecessary costs. It’s intelligent sanitation management – because every toilet trip counts!

What are the dimensions of Bumper toilet?

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