Best compost toilet for Garden Offices, Sheds and Garden Buildings

Whether you want a comfortable space in your garden to work from or to relax in, now you can enjoy the convenience of a toilet almost anywhere, without having access to water or sewerage connections!

Working from home has become a way of life for so many people. Even before we’d heard of the word ‘COVID’, simply escaping the commute to the city or saving the cost of renting commercial office space, home working made so much sense.

But what happens when you’re down in the depths of your garden and you need the toilet? It’s an inconvenient walk back up the house, made even worse if the weather is inclement. Putting in a flushing toilet can be prohibitively expensive and involve a lot of disruptive groundworks – you need a water supply, sewerage connection or a septic tank/cesspit.

There is an easy alternative that many people have installed – a stylish waterless compost toilet or an advanced incinerating toilet.

Let’s have a look at the best compost toilets for use in garden offices, posh sheds and garden rooms:

Separett Villa compost toilet


The Separett Villa compost toilet was designed after years of research and testing by Separett of Sweden. It’s been in production since the late 1990s and remains the world’s most popular commercial compost toilet with sales of well over 100,000 units worldwide.

Not only does the Separett Villa work extremely well, but it’s also making a positive contribution to the environment by not using water to flush and not creating sewage. Did you know that around 30% of household water usage in the UK is to flush the toilet – that’s around 2 billion litres of water every day!

The Villa is a urine-separating or urine-diverting toilet (aka UDDT – urine diverting dry toilet). This means liquids are diverted and run into a small soak-away pit outside your building, whilst solids and toilet paper is collected inside the toilet for periodic emptying and composting.

The Villa is a deceptively simple design and is completely odourless in operation. Clever features such as the automatic concealing screen that covers the ‘solids’ area make it very user friendly and easy to use.

We already work with a number of garden office and garden building manufacturers who understand the benefits and convenience that a Separett waterless toilet can bring. The Villa can be easily installed against an outside wall and takes up about the same space as a flushing toilet.


Separett Tiny compost toilet


The Separett Tiny was launched in 2021, building on the qualities of the Separett Villa, but in a more compact unit with a contemporary design. 

Like the Villa, the Tiny is waterless, and thanks to the small fan, completely odourless too. The clever concealing flap means the user never sees inside the toilet. Being more compact than its siblings, the Separett Tiny can fit in smaller spaces without feeling cramped.

The Tiny has a smaller ‘solids’ capacity than the Villa, and is ideal for low or occasional use situations such as garden offices and garden rooms.


Choosing the best waterless toilet for your garden office or garden room is a big decision, so we’re happy to talk through the various options with you and make suggestions on the right one for your particular situation – just give us a call or get in touch using the form below!


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