Nature Loo Alectura Premium composting toilet starter kit

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The ALL NEW Alectura by Nature Loo is a complete composting toilet starter pack with porcelain drop-through pedestal and two composting/collection chambers. Requiring only 50cm clearance under the floor, it’s ideal for shepherds huts, cabins, pods and static caravans.

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The all-new Nature Loo Alectura is a split or batch composting toilet with an elegant porcelain pedestal. The benefit of a split system is that all the matter is collected in the low-profile underfloor composting container which is accessed from the outside. All the user sees on the inside is a stylish porcelain drop-through pedestal that’s simple to use and completely odour-free. The pedestal does not have a urine diverter, so can be used by anyone, just like a regular toilet with no special instructions.
The Australian designed Alectura is perfect for shepherd huts, cabins, static caravans, bothies, glamping pods or houses where you want a low-maintenance waterless toilet that doesn’t look or feel like a composting toilet!

Key features of the Alectura Premium starter kit

  • Modern style porcelain ‘drop-through’ toilet pedestal with soft close seat – not based around a urine-diverter so no requirement for all users to sit down – just use like a flushing toilet. Easy to clean – you can even rinse it with a little water.
  • Two composting chambers – twin walls and with mixing blades (one in service and one ‘composting’ – additional composting containers are available if needed) with approximately 90 litres actual capacity or 75 litres active capacity per container.
  • Only 50cm clearance is required under the floor to fit the composting chamber.
  • ‘Ezylift’ trolly to move full containers around and make servicing simple.
  • 12/230V fan for ventilation and complete odour control.
  • Leachate pipe for excess fluid to run to the soakaway pit.
  • Chambers are manufactured from robust materials – injection moulded ASA with stainless steel clips and attachments. The pedestal is made from traditional sanitary porcelain.

How does it work?

Alectura composting toilet installation diagramThe user goes to the toilet and all the contents (liquids, solids and toilet paper) drop down into the lower chamber as this is NOT based on a urine separator. Wood shavings or an alternative carbon cover material needs to be added – this can be done by the user after every solid use (no need to add anything after a wee), or it can be added once or twice week by the operator (5-10 litres equivalent).

Active ventilation is via a powered fan (12v or mains), drawing fresh air through the system and out the ventilation pipe to remove odours and excess moisture. Every week, the owner/operator engages a turning handle on the chamber and rotates it a few times – this mixes and aerates the contents (promoting composting) as well as ‘flattening’ the heap to maximise the capacity.

The Alectura comes with two collection/composting chambers, which enable composting to take place within the container, so when the time comes to empty the contents, you’re handling a safe, non-odorous compost.

As the contents collect within the chamber, composting will naturally start. The composting bacteria will consume a lot of the moisture within the mix and excess moisture will be either evaporated or will pass through and out as a leachate. When the chamber is full, it’s swapped with the next one and the full one is set aside to continue composting.

Designed for efficient, safe and fuss-free composting

Composting is a completely natural process and one of natures great gifts. The process will break down noxious organic matter and turn it into compost – safe, sweet smelling, harmless, and yet full of nutrients that can be returned to the earth. The Alectura promotes efficient composting through these features:

  • Double walls and ventilation – the perforated wall of the inner chamber and the ventilation fan will aerate the compost, reducing the build-up of moisture and drawing away odours.
  • Leachate drain – excess liquid filters through the base of the internal chamber and drains out the leachate hose into an absorption trench or soakaway pit.
  • Removable internal chamber – for regular usage, you won’t need to remove the internal chamber as we suggest just leaving some composted material in the base to replace the starting layer of bulking agent. But if maintenance requires a deep clean, it’s easy to dismantle the chamber and access all the working parts.
  • Locking ring – a stainless steel ring keeps the lid of the chamber tightly secured. This will minimise the impact of negative air pressure, and the ingress of insects, and will keep the contents safe from mischievous animals or children.
  • Inspection plug – for the out-of-service chamber, simply remove the bright green plug to take a peek at the progress or the condition of the compost.
  • Wicks to optimise moisture levels – built into the base of the internal chamber, they allow reabsorption of liquids that have filtered through the pile if required.
  • Dual mixer blades – stronger and sturdier than a single blade, the dual mixer blades extend deep into the pile to churn and aerate the compost. This accelerates the composting process. The result is a level pile operating under optimal conditions; both of which increase the active capacity of the chamber.


The Alectura Premium starter kit is delivered in four boxes, which contain the following parts:

  • Porcelain ‘drop through’ pedestal with mounting kit. (Height 455mm. Weight 36kg.)
  • 2 x 90L chambers with twin mixing blades. (Diameter 710mm inc locking ring. Height 450mm)
  • Approx. chamber weight when full 80KG
  • Underfloor clearance requirement for chamber (mm) Minimum 500
  • Ezylift trolly
  • Multi-piece, variable length chute to connect pedestal to chamber
  • Fan and connecting parts (long vent pipe not included – use standard 110mm pipe)
  • Leachate hose and locking mechanism
  • Consumables starter pack included
  • Warranty:
    • Alectura chambers – 10 years
    • Porcelain pedestal – 4 years
    • Toilet seat – 12 months
    • Electrical components – 12 months
    • Other parts – 12 months

Alectura installation accessories

Certifications and Awards

SAI Global certified to AS/NZS 1546.2


> Alectura manual (4Mb)

Additional information

Weight 40 kg


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