Separett Tiny with Urine Extraction

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New model 1270-02. Updated May 2023 with improved concealer screen mechanism.

The all-new Separett Tiny® with Urine Extraction brings together Separett’s 40 years of experience of odour-free, waterless toilets into a small, compact, modern-looking compost toilet that’s perfectly suited to small spaces such as tiny homes, shepherd’s huts, garden offices and the like.

Ideal for fixed dwellings and huts, urine is typically diverted to the land through a small soak-away pit for ease of use and maintenance.

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Separett Tiny gives you freedom from sewage and water connections!

The new Separett Tiny with Urine Diversion is a purpose-designed urine-diverting compost toilet for buildings, structures and dwellings that don’t have access to sewage and/or water. Now you can have the freedom to install an odourless, eco-friendly toilet almost anywhere!

It’s the perfect compact waterless eco-toilet for smaller spaces such as tiny homes, caravans, shepherd’s huts, garden offices, garden rooms, annexes and the like.

Like all urine-diverting toilets, users should sit down – this ensures that correct separation of liquids and solids occurs, plus the urine separator is forced down (as the concealing flaps open) to fully engage with the pipework below.

Separett Tiny waterless toilet on land-based applications. Garden rooms, garden offices, glamping cabins and caravans

Open the toilet lid on the Separett Tiny and you’ll find that the the solids area remains covered from view with a clever, automatic concealing screen (it opens as you sit down and closes as you stand up). Now that’s thoughtful!

Urine is diverted and flows by gravity out of the toilet, usually to a small soak-away pit outside the building. This means much less maintenance and emptying is needed compared to a chemical toilet. Now that’s clever!

The low-power, low-voltage ventilation fan is quiet but efficient, removing all smells and helps keep condensation at bay, ensuring the Tiny is 100% odour-free without having to use of chemicals or sawdust. Now that’s simple and eco-friendly!

The all-new design looks sleek and modern, yet is only 40cm wide and 50cm deep and can be installed right up against a wall with no pipes on show. The seat height is the same as a regular toilet for that ‘at home’ feeling. Now that’s comfortable!

The Separett Tiny is your ticket to freedom. Thoughtful, comfortable, clever and eco-friendly.


  • New 2023 model with improved concealing flaps!
  • European Product Design Award 2021 – Sustainable Living/Environmental Preservation/Rural Sustainable Design.
  • Modern, compact and functional
  • No need for water or sewage connections
  • 5-year manufacturers warranty
  • Urine-diverting bowl separates liquids and solids for reduced odour and ease of maintenance
  • Automatic concealing cover over solids container hides contents from view
  • 12v or 230v fan draws odours out and away for odour-free use
  • Numerous ventilation options (through the floor, through ceiling** or through the side)
  • Urine diverts to external soak-away or tank (not supplied)
  • 14.5 litre solids container

** Optional pipework may be required


  • Looks great in any bathroom without taking up much space
  • No need for chemicals or water – the environmentally friendly option
  • Provides up to a week of capacity for solids when in ‘full-time’ use, or even longer for occasional use.
  • Unlimited urine capacity
  • No odour with the efficient and flexible ventilation system
  • So easy to use – just sit down, do your business and then stand up: no buttons to press or sawdust to add


  • Unlimited capacity: empty as and when required
  • The Tiny is 8.5kg (without accessories. Package weight is 12kg)
  • Max user weight 150kg
  • Length 49.7 cm | Width 39.8 cm | Height 47 cm (seat height 45-46cm)
  • Made from recyclable high-gloss polypropylene
  • Emptying cycle for 2 ‘full time’ users: solids once a week
  • Energy: 0.04 kWh/day – 12 V / 1.6 W / 133 mA (230v adaptor included)
  • Power lead length: 1.5m
  • Vent pipe diameter: 50mm (outer diameter)
  • Noise level: <30dB

Separett Tiny dimensions (all models)

Included Parts

For standard installations (where the maximum vent pipe length is under 40cm), everything is included apart from tools!

  • Separett Tiny toilet
  • User & installation manual including hole-cutting template
  • 110-230V AC universal adaptor
  • Solids container with lid
  • 2.5 metres semi-flexible urine pipe 32mm ø
  • Straight and 90 degree urine pipe connectors
  • Ventilation pipe – 40cm length
  • Ventilation pipe grill with insect screen
  • Ventilation cowl (rain/dirt cover)
  • Holder for bio-drain block
  • Screws for wall or floor mounting
  • Sample pack of consumables: compostable bags, bio drain block, absorb pad


Here’s a simple overview of the installation – note that you either run the ventilation and urine pipe out through the wall behind the toilet, or down through the floor.

The vent pipe should run to the outside to ensure odours and excess moisture are removed. When considering where the vent pipe will go, always try to have the shortest length possible, avoiding any structural elements (for example a chassis cross member in a vehicle). For installations where this might be difficult, you can purchase the optional 2m flexible vent pipe.

The video below contains English commentary and goes into a bit more detail and includes some hints and tips!

Finally, you will also need to consider how to deal with the urine. Typically this can be run into a small soak-away pit , a suitable container, or an Ejektortank which will enable you use the urine, automatically diltuted as a nitrogen-rich fertiliser for your garden.

Getting it ready for use

The fan in the Tiny can be connected either to mains electricity (with the supplied transformer) or to a 12v DC supply. We recommend that the fan is left on continuously when there is anything in the solids container. If you are leaving the Separett Tiny for a period of time, empty and clean it and switch off the fan.


Maintenance and cleaning

Separett Tiny should be cleaned with an environmentally friendly non-abrasive cleaner. Regularly rinse the filter in the fan duct with water to maintain good ventilation.

Every so often, pour some water down the front of the urine separator.


Optional extras

Depending on your installation you may wish to purchase the following optional extras:

Links & downloads

Check out our installation gallery for some inspirational photos of how other users have installed their waterless toilets!

After-sales service and support

WooWoo is the exclusive distributor for Separett in the UK and Ireland. We have a wide range of accessories and spare parts available if required. In addition, our legendary support team are on hand with any technical or operational queries you have.



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Weight 15 kg

7 reviews for Separett Tiny with Urine Extraction

  1. Sherwood Elcock (verified owner)

    Compact functional unit which seems robust. Easy to install, excellent fitting instructions.

  2. Jennifer B. (verified owner)

    It has only been used for 2 days but so far no smells and no leaks.

  3. Emily D. (verified owner)

    Brilliant design and aesthetics

  4. Hannah Clarke (verified owner)


  5. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

  6. Flynn (verified owner)

    My mushrooms come in a plastic punnet that’s more sturdy. The automatic concealing cover is more of a manual one. Frankly if I was contemplating this product, I’d buy a bucket and spend the rest on a holiday. Wildly overpriced for what it is.

    • Jacob (store manager)

      Hi Flynn, we’re very sorry to hear you’re having issues with the product. If you could please contact us, we can troubleshoot and I am certain we can get this resolved for you.

  7. Rowena (verified owner)

    A very stylish piece of kit. Wonderful design easy to install

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