The all-new Separett Tiny is here!

March 26, 2021

1st April 2021 sees the official UK launch of the Separett Tiny® range of waterless, compost toilets. This is the first completely new compost toilet that Separett have produced since the hugely successful and popular Villa series almost 20 years ago.

Separett Tiny Lidup

The Tiny range has been developed with the benefit of Separett’s 40+ years background in waterless toilets and innovations in materials and design, together with a view to the changing needs of today’s users.

The all-new Separett Tiny is compact, stylish and packed with user-friendly features. Just like the larger Separett Villa, it has a urine-separating bowl, powered ventilation system for odour-free operation and a unique automatic concealer screen that covers the solids area until you sit down for maximum user confidence.

There are two versions, one that extracts urine outside to an external tank, drain or soak-away (ideal for permanent installations on land, such as tiny houses, garden offices, static caravans etc), and one that captures urine inside, (ideal for mobile users such as camper vans, boats and caravans).

Most of the features will be explained in our unboxing video, which you can view further down this page.

Separett Tiny - Overview

Separett Tiny compost toilet in bathroom setting
  • Two models available – one with an internal urine tank and one that extracts urine externally.
  • Compact dimensions. 470mm high, 398mm wide and 497mm deep. No protrusions from the back or side mean it can be installed in restrictive spaces. 
  • 50mm vent pipe can be routed down, back or to the side and then out using rigid pipework. In many installations, vent pipes can be hidden from view for an exceptionally neat appearance with no visible pipes.
  • Automatic concealer screen covers the solids container (even when the top of the toilet is open to remove the urine container) visually shielding the user from the contents.
  • Easy-to-empty urine container (where fitted) with clearly defined yellow handles and caps. Caps can be securely stored. Air admittance valve ensures rapid, ‘glug-free’ emptying.
  • Separett logo will light up in red when the urine container is nearly full on the model with the urine container.
  • Very low power consumption – around 1.5 watts at 12v or via the included mains adaptor.
  • Quiet operation – <30 dB.
  • Stylish design, high-quality materials and a 5-year guarantee.

First Look / Unboxing

Features common to both models

Both models of the Tiny have some common features which we’ll briefly explore:


The 14.5-litre, specially designed solids container has a detachable rim to secure the compostable bag in place, a lid and a carrying handle. This will provide 1-2 weeks capacity for a couple of people for full-time use. No cover material is required, meaning no capacity is wasted!


The unique two-part concealing screen covers the solids container until the user sits down, at which point, it swings to one side. It closes as they stand up meaning nobody will see inside the toilet.


The Tiny features a urine-separating or urine-diverting bowl common to other Separett compost toilets. It has a removable bar between the two sections which when fitted, enlarges the urine section and provides a baffle to help prevent urine from flowing elsewhere.

Where the urine exits, a removable ‘cage’ prevents debris from passing through, and can also hold the Bio Drain tablet in place.

A unique air valve at the base of the urine separator means that urine will always rapidly flow away and not glug and hang around in the separator due to trapped air.

The existing Child Adaptor Seat (available as an optional extra) will fit the Tiny, enabling children to safely and cleanly use a urine-diverting toilet.


Modern, stylish appearance and made from a hard wearing, recyclable plastic. Slimline lid compliments the overall aesthetics. Standard seat height gives the comfort of home to the user.


The quiet 1.5 watt fan gently pulls air over the solids container, venting it outside using industry standard 50mm pipes. Vent pipes can be routed straight down, directly behind or to either side of the Tiny according to your preferences or needs. The external vent cover, rain hood and insect screen are all included.

The highly efficient ventilation system means that cover material is not required with the Tiny – the concealing screen acts as the visual cover and the fan removes 100% of the odours, along with excess moisture too, making sure the Tiny is a pleasure to use.


The Tiny has a 12-volt fan which can be run from a 12-volt power source, such as a battery and solar panel, but it also comes with a 230-volt AC mains adaptor. The fan consumes around 1.5 watts, helping to preserve your battery capacity and costing almost nothing if run from the mains.


If you buy the Tiny which diverts urine to the outside, you’re able to buy a kit that converts it to having a built-in urine container, and vice versa. So if your circumstances change, Tiny can adapt with you.

Tiny with Urine Container

The model with the urine container will be ideal for mobile users such as motorhomes, camper vans, narrowboats, and caravans.

With a capacity of 7.1 litres, the removable urine container will provide enough capacity for a couple of days for two people. When the container nearly full, the Separett logo on the toilet will illuminate red to indicate that there is around 1 litre of space left.

The urine container has a baffle at the entrance – this helps stop liquid coming out of the container if it’s bounced around (for example in a camper van whilst travelling). In addition, there’s a rubber seal between the urine separator and the urine container. No other production compost toilets offers this level of protection against urine spillage for a moving vehicle or vessel and provides huge reassurance for the owner.

Emptying the urine container is incredibly easy with the Tiny. Place the cap over the urine inlet hole and remove the cap on the outlet. An air inlet valve ensures you can empty the container in around 10 seconds without any of the glugging and splashing you get from competitive products.

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1270-01 Separett Tiny with urine container

Tiny with Urine Extraction

Tiny with Urine Outlet Close Up

The Tiny with urine extraction uses the same 32mm semi-flexible urine pipe that the Separett Villa comes with.

With the adaptors that come as standard, you can take the pipe directly out behind the Tiny, down through the floor, or to the right or left according to your needs. It comes with approximately 2 metres of semi-flexible urine pipe.

Urine can be led away to a soak-away pit, external container, drain or the Separett Ejektortank.

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