Best waterless toilet for Golf Courses

Providing toilet facilities at the ninth hole (or anywhere on the course) is an increasing necessity of any inclusive and progressive golf club.

But here’s the challenge faced by many golf clubs – how do you provide toilet/sanitary facilities for your male and female members at such a remote location? How can you provide a comfortable toilet without water, sewer or power connections? How do you make sure it’s easy to use and reliable throughout the year? How can you make it safe, simple, and low-maintenance for grounds staff to maintain?

WooWoo Waterless Toilets have a proven track-record in providing cost-effective answers to these very challenges…

Highlights of the Kazuba range of compost toilets from WooWoo:

Why do you need a toilet on a golf course?

As Harriet Shephard wrote in ‘Women & Golf‘ magazine, “having access to facilities during a round should be a right and not a luxury”. The problem is that most golf courses have been designed by and for men, and they can (and do) pee in the bushes with relative ease. Women can’t easily do this and at certain times of the month, may need extra privacy to refresh themselves – without suitable facilities, women can feel excluded and that’s just not right.

Having access to facilities during a round should be a right and not a luxury.

So, what is the best compost toilet for a golf course, and why?

For ‘on course’ waterless toilets, we recommend one of the Kazuba products such as the Kazuba KL1 or KL2. These give you are high capacity, low maintenance waterless toilets with an attractive and durable building. 

Kazuba operates entirely off-grid, requiring no electricity, water or sewerage connections, and with almost no moving parts, is incredibly reliable too. It works by creating an air-flow over the contents using the wind and sun, evaporating the urine and drying the solid waste. With absolutely no discharge to the environment, they can be installed in environmentally sensitive areas and even next to watercourses. 

WooWoo have been supplying Kazuba waterless toilets since 2008 and have over 500 installations across the UK - there's probably a Kazuba waterless toilet working away near you right now!

Installation usually takes 2 days depending on the model and your location. We work with a number of recommended installers or you can choose to install it yourself if you have a suitable grounds team or contractors. 

Get in contact today and we can provide prices and installation costs for a Kazuba waterless toilet for your golf course.

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