Best waterless eco-toilet forPublic and high use sites

Providing toilet facilities, especially accessible ones, at public and high use sites can make a huge difference to peoples overall experience of the location.

But the challenge faced by many sites is how do you provide accessible toilet facilities in remote or environmentally sensitive locations without running water and/or a sewerage connection?  How do make sure it’s easy and simple for the public to use and reliable throughout the year? How can you make it safe, and low-maintenance for staff to maintain?

WooWoo Waterless Toilets have a proven track-record in providing cost-effective answers to these very challenges with the unique Kazuba range of waterless eco toilets…

Highlights of the Kazuba range of eco-toilets from WooWoo:

All waterless toilets are not created equal

What makes a Kazuba the best eco toilet for public and high use sites?

All waterless toilets are not created equal – the Kazuba from WooWoo Waterless Toilets has several features that set it apart from anything else on the market:

Urine separation is done in the lower tank (below ground level) of the Kazuba STK system – this means the toilet can be used just like a “normal” flushing toilet and no special user instructions are needed.

No discharge to the environment. The airflow in the Kazuba STK system evaporates the urine so no soak-away pits or leachate drain is required. Kazuba Toilets can therefore be installed next to water courses and in environmentally sensitive areas where other compost toilets cannot.

Completely off-grid. The system works passively through the power of the wind and sun with some a very clever, but very simple design features. With no mechanical/moving parts, Kazuba has an unrivalled track record in reliability across the UK in all weathers.

Durable and attractive internal and external design that fits in with your surroundings.

Minimal maintenance – apart from the usual cleaning and inspection (as with any toilet), maintenance is usually required twice a year and takes just a few minutes. Tell us about your expected volumes and we can estimate your maintenance schedule based on the amount of units desired.

Modular design – the Kazuba KL2 building has the option of a semi-open male urinal add-on

Works in all British climates

At the time of writing, over 500 Kazuba waterless toilets have been installed across the UK. From the Scottish Highlands and Islands to castle grounds, playgrounds, walking trails, nature reserves, lakes and public beaches, the simple but ingenious design works in all weathers throughout the year.

In addition to the numerous councils we work with, some of our high profile clients include:

Get in contact today to find out more about the suitability of Kazuba for your location. The friendly team here at WooWoo Waterless toilets will help and guide you to the right solution – what a relief!


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