Best compost toilet forAllotments and Community Gardens

Allotments and community gardens are more popular than ever, providing a wide range of facilities and benefits to the local community. But with increasing interest and a more diverse group of users comes the need to provide comfortable, safe and accessible toilet facilities for all to use, particularly female users. 

In locations that usually don’t have mains sewer (and sometimes, no mains water either), it makes perfect sense to consider a  compost toilet, and WooWoo Waterless Toilets have a great track record in working with allotments and community gardens nationwide to provide appropriate solutions.

List of best composting toilets for allotments and community gardens

Here’s some suggestions to get you started, but please get in touch if you’d like a chat or a more detailed explanation of any of the products.

WooWoo Loo

The WooWoo Loo range is a carefully curated selection of buildings and waterless toilets for a wide variety of off-grid situations. From low to medium use applications, they all offer great value for money and high performance. Installation services are available.

WooWoo GT & GT LUX

The WooWoo GT system works on the principle of ‘batch composting’ and is perfect for higher volume and/or multiple user sites because it doesn’t use a urine separating bowl. You have the choice of a simple toilet seat on a wooden bench (the GT) or a full porcelain pedestal (the GT LUX) for the ultimate ‘at home’ experience. The clever capillary base automatically regulates the amount of liquid on the solid mass above, ensuring optimal conditions for composting. The starter packs come with two containers – one in use and one to enable the composting process to continue, meaning you are emptying compost and not (hu)manure!

Due to the size of the composting containers, the WooWoo GT would need a custom-made building.  You can download free plans to make your own building, or buy one of our custom-designed flat-pack cabins in single, double or wheelchair-friendly designs.


Kazuba from WooWoo is the most popular waterless toilet for allotments, and for good reason! Kazuba meets your needs by providing high capacity together with very low maintenance, and all in an attractive and durable building. 

Kazuba works on a unique, yet simple system which uses sunlight and wind to evaporate urine and dry solid waste. Kazuba is completely off-grid, requiring no water, sewage or electricity connections, and has been proven to work in all UK climates from the English south coast to the Scottish islands.

The Kazuba system means there is no discharge to the environment, so it can be located almost anywhere, even close to groundwater or watercourses and places other compost toilets cannot. Because the Kazuba system doesn’t rely on a urine-separating toilet bowl, it works equally well for male or female users. 

The Kazuba is available as the KL1 or KL2, the difference being the style and size of the building. The KL2 has several options, including a disabled-accessible version and a male urinal extension.


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