High capacity waterless toilets for allotments golf courses and off-grid sites
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Kazuba's waterless toilets can transform your community garden, golf course, camping or glamping site into an enjoyable environment in which you can spend hours.

Premium waterless & composting toilets

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About Kazuba

No other toilet in the UK works like the Kazuba – since its launch in 2008, it has become famous for its unique evaporation/drying mechanism which works with no need for water, electricity or chemicals. This, coupled with the low maintenance and high capacity, makes Kazuba the ideal alternative to a normal compost toilet, especially in situations where the toilet is used more than just a few times a day.

Kazuba loos are perfect for lots of different purposes and in the UK alone, they have been installed at allotments, community gardens, golf courses, solar farms, fisheries, camping and glamping sites, nurseries, schools, universities, churches, museums, parks, nature reserves, beaches, car-parks and playgrounds.

Below you will find links to more Kazuba info. Please, feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like us to send you a quote. The units are made to order and are delivered to your site within 4-6 weeks of ordering.

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