How does a Separett waterless compost toilet actually work?

Getting your head around the idea that you can have a toilet that a) doesn’t need water, b) doesn’t need a sewerage connection, c) doesn’t smell, and d) can create nutritious compost, can be difficult! It seems to defy logic and yet it’s all possible.

Once you understand the basics, there’s that ‘ah-ha’ moment when it all becomes clear. To help you understand how a Separett urine-diverting toilet works, check out our short video animation which should hopefully make it all clear!

You’ll find more information on the Separett Villa in our online shop here:

Details on the Separett Ejektortank are here.

We go into more detail about how they work here and for more information on the composting process, do check out this page in our ‘More Info’ section.

If you have any more questions, please get in contact to talk to one of our friendly experts.

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