WooWoo GT 120 Family Pack

WooWoo GT Composting Toilet

August 4, 2021

Introducing the WooWoo GT – high capacity, low maintenance, off-grid and waterless composting toilets.

Separating toilets (those with a urine diverter) are great, simple to install and work well in  many places. But there are situations, such as public access toilets, busy campsites and higher volume locations, where they just won’t be suitable.
WooWoo GT Installed

The WooWoo GT is a proven solution that creates and maintains the perfect conditions for composting to happen inside the container, by automatically regulating the moisture levels with its unique capillary base. Unlike urine diverting toilets which traditionally have a urine separator directly under the toilet seat, users can use the WooWoo GT like they would with a “normal” flushing toilet and it doesn’t matter if they sit, stand, hover or even move around when using the toilet – all they have to do is add a handful of sawdust after they’ve used the toilet! This makes it the ideal solution for sites with temporary users, such as camping/glamping sites, allotments, schools, nurseries, etc.

The WooWoo GT comes as a starter kit with the option of two 120 litre containers, or two 330 litre containers, along with a set of wheels, a wind-powered vent and other accessories. The 330 litre model has the capacity of around 800 solid uses per container with no limits on the amount of urine.
WooWoo GT 330 - changing the containers
WooWoo GT composting toilet in cabin diagram
When the first container is full, it’s wheeled out of the way and the next container is brought into use. The contents of the original container continues to compost away for a further period of time so when it’s emptied, only compost comes out, making maintenance simple and hygienic.

The overall capacity can be easily extended by introducing additional containers, making the WooWoo GT system highly flexible and adaptable to your changing needs.

Air flow is enhanced with the supplied spinning vent that pulls air through the system and away, making the WooWoo GT odourless and completely off-grid, requiring no electricity or water.

The WooWoo GT will need to be installed in a specially adapted or constructed building to enable the containers to be wheeled in and out as needed. Example plans are available.