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About Us

Adding water to human waste will eventually create a larger problem than it solves. We want to increase awareness of the alternatives available to show that “flush and forget” is not the only way and is certainly not the best way to handle our waste.

We provide waterless, composting and low water toilets for a huge range of applications. From large capacity public toilet systems to compact composting toilets for garden offices and boats. If you have an application that needs an alternative solution to handling your waste, we are certain that we’ll have a solution that fits your need and budget.

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The WooWoo Team

Profile Picture Jacob Andersen

Jacob Andersen - Owner

Jacob manages day-to-day operations, ensuring things are always done the WooWoo way, in alignment with our vision and values.

Martin Profile Pic

Martin Doyle - Product Manager

Our very own compost toilet encyclopaedia, Martin ensures you are well-informed and receive the very best products and service at all times.

Sean Conley Profile Pic

Sean Conley - Sales and Customer Service

Another fountain of knowledge (but with an American accent), Sean is committed to help you with all your toilet needs... within reason, of course!

Gemma Profile

Gemma Roe - Marketing and Business Development

With her infectious energy and knack for the art of storytelling, Gemma is responsible for making you aware of our innovative solutions.

Hayley Profile

Hayley Ellner - Administration & Logistics

Hayley is our super organised and slightly crazy (see picture!) admin lady who uses her magical Excel formulas to ensure your orders always arrive.


Joel Cormack - Freelance Engineer

Working remotely from South America, Joel uses his nerdy superpowers to keep our systems running smoothly and give this website its vibrant shine.

Rima Andersen Profile Pic

Rima Andersen - Optimisation Specialist

More nerdy stuff - Rima ensures that you are able to easily find our website when you're searching through Google.

WooWoo Clients

Our clients include English Heritage, Natural England, NatureScot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage), The National Trust, The RSPB, Thames Water, University of Bristol Botanic Garden, Loch Lomond Golf Club, LightsourceHouse Of Hackney, The Natural History Museum and numerous allotments, camping and glamping sites, golf clubs, solar farms, nature reserves, fisheries, councils, wildlife trusts, charities and community projects.

WooWoo Waterless Toilets is a trading name of Andersen Solutions Ltd registered in England and Wales number 11520890