Best waterless toilet forSolar Farms and Wind Farms

Solar farms and wind farms, by their nature, are often in remote locations away from mains services like water and sewage services. Yet, maintenance and inspection personnel still need access to toilet facilities when working on site.

When choosing the best compost toilet for a solar farm or a wind farm, you’ll want to consider the following aspects:

What is the best compost toilet for solar farms and wind farms?

The Kazuba KL1 waterless toilet offers a perfect all-in-one solution for solar farms because it is genuinely eco-friendly, completely off-grid (requires no electricity, water or sewage connection), has no discharge to the environment, doesn’t use nasty chemicals, is odour-free, has zero running costs and is incredibly low maintenance.

The Kazuba system works by letting all the waste (liquids and solids) fall through into a lower chamber, initially into a basket that holds the solids. Liquids, with the action of the wind and sun and the controlled airflow, are evaporated. Solids are dried in the airflow, considerably reducing their volume, and any odours disappear through the chimney.

The Kazuba KL1 is simple to use and urine is separated within the lower chamber, meaning there are no special instructions or limitations for users (i.e. men don’t need to sit down to urinate).

With over a hundred KL1 installations at UK solar farms, WooWoo Waterless Toilets have a track record of supplying waterless toilet facilities to solar farms across the UK (as well as to other notable organisations), so why not get in touch for a quote today?