Caelal Campsite Offers a Stunning Porcelain Compost Toilet That Impresses Guests

Cae Llal is a stunning camping and glamping site near Bangor in North Wales. They were one of the first people to purchase the WooWoo GT LUX composting toilet.

The GT LUX has a ceramic toilet pedestal for a more familiar feel to users who might be anxious about using a compost toilet. The drop-through pedestal also makes maintenance and cleaning really simple.

The campers and glampers at Cae Lal have remarked how comfortable and ‘normal’ the WooWoo GT toilets are, and the site owners, Bethan and Jacob are equally happy with the performance and lower maintenance the WooWoo GT LUX system offers.

We’re really impressed by the stunning and unique buildings that the guys at Cae Lal have constructed for the toilets and showers.

For more information about Cae Lal, visit their website:

For details on the WooWoo GT LUX system, click here.


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