Environmental charity chooses accessible cabin with WooWoo GT to enable people to stay longer

Bore Place Projects in Kent is an environmental charity that’s all about helping people connect with nature.  They have a number of small enterprises on site, that make food as sustainably as they can.  They also have lots of visitors, who come to enjoy being in nature. 

Bore Place Projects chose the WooWoo GT batch composting toilet starter kit, along with the GT Accessible Cabin with ramp, which was installed by one of WooWoo’s contractors. The WooWoo GT composting toilet is particularly attractive in situations where the use is high or public – places where a urine-separating toilet might be challenging.

Project manager Chris told us:

“We are building a ‘farm gate’ where visitors can buy and taste some of the amazing cheese, vegetables, honey and milk, made right here.  Our new accessible WooWoo GT compost toilet, means that everyone can be here for longer.  We particularly liked the fact that there’s no separation necessary, which makes it really easy to use for people – especially important where this is their first go on a compost loo!” 

Chris says, “If you’re down this way, come and try it out, and buy some lovely local food too!”

Find out more about the WooWoo GT Starter Kit here:

The GT Accessible Cabin is here: