Remote, beachside cafe gets relief with the WooWoo GT toilet

Set in a remote, beachside location down steep steps near Torquay in Devon, England, this cafe owner has no mains water or septic tank.

During the summer, customers have access to a near’ish mains toilet, but the staff needed something closer and more convenient (and the mains toilet was closed in winter).

After discussions with the cafe owner, Linzi, we agreed that the WooWoo GT would be the most appropriate system – it was simple to use, had very low maintenance requirements and was entirely off-grid.

Linzi purchased the WooWoo GT 120 starter kit and set about constructing a cabin (based loosely on the free WooWoo GT cabin plans we have on our website) with some lovely nautical touches like the portholes!

The results speak for themselves – a great-looking cabin and toilet, in a stunning location.

Find out more about the WooWoo GT Starter Kit here:

Get the free GT Cabin plans here:


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