Kazuba Installation

How to install a Kazuba waterless toilet

While some organisations have their own contractors and choose to self-install, we highly recommend using one of WooWoo’s certified installation companies to assemble and install the toilet units. With many years of experience, they are the most qualified to maximise efficiency of the system through correct placement, avoiding any pitfalls during build, and delivering the product at its best.

The installation process usually takes two days and here are the most important aspects to note when choosing a location for your Kazuba toilet.

Delivery of the kit

The toilet and cabin kit arrives flat-packed at your site. An excavation is dug using a digger.

Installation of the tank

The tank and chimney system is assembled and installed into the ground.

Cabin Assembly

Once the tank is in situ, the cabin structure and exterior cladding is assembled.

Finishing up

A concrete slab is poured inside the cabin to stabilise the structure and obtain a smooth floor.

Excess soil is evacuated and the surrounding area is restored to normal.

Where can I put a Kazuba toilet?

Find a location that catches the sun about 75% of the day

Think about shadows cast in the winter time

Find a location where there’s plenty of wind, unsheltered by trees or large buildings

Face the chimney south