23 Litre Solid Waste Container with lid for Separett Villa 9000 / 9010

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The 23 Litre Solid Waste Container 9000 is for use with the Villa 9000 range, including the 9000 and 9010 models. As the name implies, it can carry up to 23 litres of waste, and therefore needs emptying only every 3 weeks or so for the average familys use.


The 23 Litre Solid Waste Container 9000 is a part of the Separett Villa 9000 range of accessories, including the 9010 model. The container itself is placed within the toilet and holds solid waste. The waste is dried by the internal fan, which reduces the volume of waste. The container should make use of compostable bags, which reduce the need for cleaning. It comes with a lid, for your convenience.


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