Coir Brick


Coir Brick

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Made from Coconut Husk - a byproduct / waste of the coconut processing industry, this compressed coir will expand up to three times its size when rehydrated with water. It makes approximately 9 litres of coir. If used with the Air Head toilet one and a half bricks will last two people one month if this is their full time toilet.

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Tips on rehydrating a coir block

Plan in advance - a compressed coir block needs around 24 hours to completely and thoroughly rehydrate and expand to its full size.

  1. Grab a large bucket, bowl, trug or watertight wheelbarrow

  2. Unwrap the coir brick (if wrapped) and place in your container

  3. Add 3 litres of water (warm water acts faster) per block.

  4. Leave to stand for 24 hours. This will even out the water content of your finished material.

  5. You will find the blocks will expand to as much as three times their original size.

  6. Break up the material with either a small spade or fork or by hand.

  7. If the material is too damp, leave it in the open to dry out a little.