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Made from Coconut Husk – a byproduct / waste of the coconut processing industry, this compressed coir will expand up to three times its size when rehydrated with water. It makes approximately 8 litres of coir.


Coco coir is a peat substitute and is used as a ‘medium’ in the Air Head toilet.

One coir block is rehydrated several hours before it’s needed and tipped into the base. The stirring action on the Air Head, together with the drying of the fan helps in breaking the solids up and eliminating odours.

See our tips below on rehydrating the coir block – it’s important not to get it too wet.

How to rehydrate a coir block for use in the Air Head compost toilet

Plan in advance – a compressed coir block needs up to several hours to completely and thoroughly rehydrate and expand to its full size. Instructions on the packaging relate to using the coir in horticulture – you don’t want it that wet!

For the best (and fastest) results, place the coir brick in an appropriately sized ziplock plastic bag and seal the bag once the water has been added – you can break the coir up by squeezing the bag

  1. Grab a large bucket, bowl, trug, large ziplock bag or watertight wheelbarrow

  2. Unwrap the coir brick (if wrapped) and place it in your container

  3. Add 1 litre of hot water (not boiling) per block (only add more if necessary).

  4. Leave to stand/soak for several hours.

  5. Break up any chunks in the material and add more water if needed.
  6. If the material is too damp, leave it in the open to dry out.

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