Ekohytte Freezing Toilet

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Ekohytte is a freezing toilet designed in Finland for use at a cottage or permanent home as an indoor dry toilet.

  • Easy installation, just plug it into a 230V wall socket
  • Energy saving
  • Soft-close seat with heating
  • Slender design – easy to fit into small spaces
  • Stylish white or black colour


The Ekohytte freezing toilet is an excellent choice for an indoor toilet for use in places where there is no plumbing or external ventilation available.

  • easy installation, no ventilation or other piping outlets needed – just plug in
  • odourless operation – freezing stops all formation of odours
  • energy saving – only 55 W
  • minimalistic design, looks great and fits into small spaces
  • can also be placed on a heated floor
  • quiet operation

Use of Ekohytte freezing toilet

A freezing toilet is used like a flushing toilet, except there isn’t a flush! All toilet waste together with toilet paper goes to the same waste container (21 litres). Biodegradable bags are used in the waste container for easier emptying. Although there is no need to use any dry material (such as saw dust), you may wish to provide a little for visual cover.

When the waste container becomes full, it is time for emptying. The bucket is taken out of the toilet and the contents together with the biobag are emptied to a garden composter. We recommend adding a good amount of dry material in the composter (such as sawdust or wood shavings) to ensure efficient and odourless composting process.

When you buy the Ekohytte, you can choose to get a discounted WooWoo GT 120 or 330 composting container.

Useful tips

After plugging in and switching the toilet on, it’s ready for use in 20-30 minutes.

The Ekohytte is designed for occasional use (night time for example) by up to 4 people, or regular use by up to 2 people. When used by 2 people, the container will usually require emptying weekly.

The Ekohytte freezing toilet can be cleaned with a wet cloth and regular detergent. The waste container can be washed separately with hot water if needed.

A freezing toilet can only be used in a space where the temperature is above +5º C. It can be stored with power off in cold, even below zero temperature.

Technical data

Colour: White or Black
Depth: 57 cm
Width: 38 cm
Height: 50 cm
Seating height: 48 cm
Waste container: 21 litres
Power: 55 W, 230 V
Electricity consumption 24 h: 0,36 kWh
Weight: 21 kg
Load capacity: 150 kg
Freezing agent: R600a
Electric cable 2,5 m – fitted with European plug
Warranty 3 years

Please note that the Ekohytte is supplied with a pre-fitted European 230V plug. To use in the UK, you will either need an adaptor or you can remove the European plug and wire on a UK 3-pin plug.

The optional compost bin is one of the WooWoo GT spare containers (120 or 330 litre) – the covered top and special base ensure the composting mass does not become saturated and will therefore maintain the ideal conditions for composting to take place. Apart from the leachate drain, the unit is sealed to the ground. For more information on the composting base, please see:

Additional information

Weight 21 kg

White, Black

Optional Compost Bin

None, 120-litre, 330-litre