Flexible Ventilation Pipe, 2m for Separett Tiny

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The flexible ventilation pipe offers a new option for installing Separett Tiny where rigid piping is not feasible or preferred. In this product a white flexible pipe of 2 meters is included. The pipe is compatible with the original Separett Tiny connectors and couplings.

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Flexible ventilation pipe xcompatible with the Separett Tiny 50mm ventilation fittings. Supplied as a single 2 metre length.

Ideal for installations where rigid pipes could be problematic or are simply not possible. The flexible pipe makes it easy to route the ventilation pipe around awkward shapes or objects. Can be cut to size.

Maximum lengths and bends

The maximum flexible pipe length in the installation is 3 meters. Use a maximum of 3 x 90° degree bends in the installation for optimal performance and ventilation efficiency.

Extending the pipe

If more than 2 meters are needed, you can purchase an extra pipe, and connect it using the original straight coupler delivered with your Separett Tiny toilet to ensure a tight and efficient connection.

Combination with rigid pipe

The use of both flexible and rigid pipes in the same installation is allowed. This does not affect the other recommendations or limitations.

Location of installation

When routing the pipe, ensure it does not allow water ingress through the pipe. This is particularly crucial for installations in locations like boats or other watercraft. Ensure the pipe is not routed in places where the sewer odour might create issues.

Securing the installation

To minimise the risk of components coming loose, it is strongly recommended to glue together parts, including couplers and the wind hood, especially in environments where strong winds may impact the installation, such as on boats, vans, or other exposed ventilation sites.

For optimal functionality and safe use of Separett Tiny and the flexible ventilation pipe, follow these guidelines and recommendations during installation. Regularly check to ensure all components are correctly installed, and the ventilation is operating as intended


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