GeoTrap – Nutrient Trap Mineral

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GeoTrap Nutrient Trap is a special mineral sand that stops nitrogen and phosphorus from entering the environment and thus prevents pollution of groundwater and other water areas. It can used within the GeoTrap Nutrient Filter box

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GeoTrap is a natural silicate mineral sand intended for use in the GeoTrap Nutrient Filter box. The unique feature of GeoTrap is its ability to capture and retain nutrients effectively within itself, thus preventing water and groundwater contamination and eutrophication.

Features & Advantages of GeoTrap

  • Binds and retains the valuable nutrients for plant growth (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium)
  • Prevents absorption of harmful elements into the land or a water body, even in the case of heavy rain or watering
  • Prevents eutrophication of waterbodies

GeoTrap Nutrient Trap was designed at the University of Åbo Akademi in Finland to prevent nitrogen and phosphorus that may be present in the leachate or seep liquid from the WooWoo GT composting toilets from getting into the environment.

GeoTrap Nutrient Trap, once loaded with nutrients, is an excellent and natural way to recycle nutrients needed by plants and trees back into the ecosystem as a fertiliser. Just remove the used mineral on an annual basis (or more regularly for public use toilets) and place it in a compost bin, or apply sparingly around non-edible plants and trees where the locked-in nutrients will be bio-available.

GeoTrap binds the nutrients in such a way that they are not water-soluble, nor will they evaporate into the air. Once in the ground, they are bio-available to plants and fungi.

GeoTrap mineral is supplied as a 5kg bag – enough to replace the contents of the GeoTrap Filter

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm


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