Separett Freeze 2000

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The Separett Freeze 2000 Toilet does not require installation. Apart from access to a power socket, it can be installed just about anywhere on a property. It is hygienic and easy to use, with very little fuss. Due to the speed at which it freezes waste, it also all but eliminates odours from the living environment immediately after use. Best suited to temporary scenarios or as a second toilet in the home, it is also easy to empty.

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The Separett Freeze Toilet 2000 is the perfect solution for those who do not have access to plumbing. Not requiring any fixed installation, it can be used anywhere that has access to a power socket. It also makes disposing of the waste easier, with the entire storage of solid  and liquid waste odour free.

It works by beginning to freeze the waste as soon as it enters the storage container. This means that there is no need for ventilation or pipes or subsequent odours coming from them as the freezing mechanism effectively prohibits smells from escaping. The inner part of the freezer toilet is lined with a fully compostable bag, which can be emptied at your convenience, with the minimum of fuss.

The toilet itself becomes effective one hour after plugging in. There is an adjustable temperature function, just as you would find on a fridge freezer, so you need not waste power or energy unnecessarily.

It is perfect for use as a temporary toilet, such as in houses that are undergoing heavy renovations. It might also be of use in second homes that are used infrequently. That is not to say that it cannot be used in a day to day scenario and is often employed as a second toilet.


Product Data

Connection: 2.3 m cord with grounded plug
Effect modes: 1
Energy consumption:   0,73 kWh/day
Height: 55cm
Length: 63.5cm
Material: Powder varnished plate
Max load: 150kg
Noise level: Ca 39 dB(A)
Total effect: 60W
Voltage: 230V
Width: 44cm

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 65 × 46 × 60 cm


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