Separett Pee Waterless Urinal Toilet

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The Separett Pee is a waterless urinal toilet that has been specifically designed to handle only liquid (urine) outputs. Although originally intended as a companion to the Separett incinerating toilets, it can be used stand-alone where a urine-only toilet (urinal) is required.

The Separett Pee is designed for female users (sitting down) and male users (standing or sitting), but please make users aware that this is a urinal and can only cope with urine!

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The urine-only Separett Pee (formerly the Pee 1020) is a simple waterless urinal and has been specially designed to handle liquid ‘waste’. The integral trap ensures no odours can come back up the pipe through to the PEE.

Originally conceived as an accessory to the Separett incinerating toilets, it also works well as a companion to any compost toilet (enabling male users to stand to urinate), or as a stand-alone waterless urinal.

It is straightforward to install, as well as hygienic. The water lock system or trap, which is built into the toilet itself, also catches odours before they escape, leading to a practically odourless environment. Urine is directed outside where it can run into a small soak-away pit (for example one that you have for the Separett compost toilet), or it can be directed and stored in the optional Separett Ejektortank, which then can be used to fertilise a garden. Alternatively, urine can be run into an existing grey water drain.

Due to its small and efficient design, it can be installed in tight areas to maximise space. Temperature is also not an issue when deciding where to place it – it can be fitted in outside rooms and used throughout the year, although if your area is subject to extreme cold weather, we recommend the external pipework leading to a soak-away pit is upgraded to 50mm to prevent freezing.

Height: 47cm (to top of lid)
Depth: 44cm (urinal only – allow extra space for mounting bracket)
Max user load: 120kg
Package size:    L:53 W:40 H:52 cm, Weight:7kg
Width: 37cm


The urine from the Separett Pee needs to be led off to a suitable soak-away pit, collection container, or Separett Ejektortank. This can means that a hole needs to be drilled into the wall behind the toilet in order to lead off the liquid. Pee is secured to the wall by means of the accompanying wall fitting.


Urine drain: Ø32 mm

Supplied Accessories:

– Wall mounting bracket

– 2 metres flexible urine hose

– 32mm connector, straight

– 32mm connector, 90 degree

– 32mm wall cover plate

– 400mm rigid 32mm wall pipe

Because the Separett Pee doesn’t ‘flush’ we recommend the occasional rinse with a cup of water. Alternatively, a ‘spritz’ bottle (spray pump bottle) filled with a weak white vinegar solution to enable users to spray the bowl can be helpful.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 52 × 40 × 53 cm

9 reviews for Separett Pee Waterless Urinal Toilet

  1. Peter

    It does its job and easy to install. Also simple to use and looks like a proper toilet.

  2. Darren Small

    It does what I need it to and it’s cheaper than most other products of its kind. Overall a well designed product. It was difficult to get ahold of the product, although I blame covid for that and not the company.

  3. Rob

    It’s overpriced but the function is good. Note that it’s plastic.

  4. Anonymous

    All fine

  5. Evan

    Its great

  6. Anonymous

    The product is perfect for our outdoor summerhouse. It’s quite thin plastic and lacks weight, but other than that I can’t fault it.

  7. Rita (verified owner)

    Does what it claims to do. But it in no way justifies the premium price. At least I was hoping the whole would open and close like in Tiny. But it stays open. That would have justified added value. Unfortunately the product is quite primitive to cost anything above £200 In my opinion.

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Many thanks for your honest review. I guess its value and worth will vary between people – the response from customers so far has been very positive. It is a simple product, but it performs the role extremely well. A ceramic alternative would be several hundreds more expensive.

      Regarding ‘open and close’, I assume you mean the concealing screen that the Tiny etc has? The purpose of this is to hide the solids container contents from view – the urinal part (at the front) is on view as soon as you lift the lid, just like the PEE.

      As with the Tiny, I would suggest a spray bottle on hand with a weak white vinegar solution – ‘spritz’ the bowl after each use to micro flush any urine splashes.

      Let me know if you have any further questions – Martin @ WooWoo

  8. Steve Morse (verified owner)

    Excellent service Thank-you.

  9. GARY (verified owner)

    Its good for what i need, a toilet in my garage but a bit over priced for what it actually is.

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