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The Separett Privy 500 is an affordable and simple urine separator that enables you to build your own compost toilet. Cutting template is printed on the box for ease of installation.

The Privy 500 is the world’s best selling urine diverter and the Swedish design is trusted the world over as a simple and sustainable way of providing sanitation and capturing the nutrients for further use.

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The Separett Privy 500 is a waterless, sometimes referred to as “dry”, urine separating bowl or seat. It works by diverting urine and solid waste to separate compartments, which can then be used as fertiliser or compost. It is portable and can be implemented as a central part of your own compost toilet, should you wish to construct one from scratch. Its Styrofoam seat is also designed for comfort in the cold winter months.

The Privy 500 is a toilet seat and bowl that separates liquid and solid waste – sometimes referred to as a dry toilet or waterless toilet. It can be used as part of your own self-build compost toilet and requires very little space for installation. Comes with the separator, styrofoam seat and lid, 2.5 metres of flexible urine hose and box with a cutting template (printed onto the box). Installation is simple (see video below) and you’re free to make the surround box as utilitarian or complex as you like!

Most people use sawdust, wood shavings or similar as a cover material, so once you’ve ‘been’, you can cover your offering with sawdust to suppress the odours. Just provide your own solids container and run the urine to a soak-away pit (or capture it in a container), and you’re up and running with your own compost toilet!

The styrofoam seat is instantly warm and makes the initial ‘first contact’ a pleasure when used in the colder months! Replacement seats are available online.

Installation video

Please note the Privy 500 will be supplied in mid-grey colour seat and bowl. The blue version is no longer stocked, but is available as a special order if required.

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17 reviews for Separett Privy 500

  1. Lucy

    It’s brilliant!

  2. Jill Chanter

    does what we need it to. WooWoo are great – from the delivery to the product itself.

  3. Daryl Price

    It works very well…I only wish the edge of the plastic was slightly better finished. We also had to modify the urine spout but thats because of our individual situation.

  4. Zuzana Vojackova ( Appleseed)

    It does what it’s supposed to and it fitted our needs perfectly.

  5. Jessica

  6. Charlie Nicholson – Camp Kernow

    It’s great and does a good job of seperating the waste. We’ve been using the product for more than 10 years and it’s good and durable.

  7. David Newman (verified owner)

    The product is exactly what you advertise it to be, and we’re very happy with it. No complaints.

  8. A. Barnett

    I already had one for 6 years and now I am buying another! It is very effective and there are no smells because of the separator, and we collect into two containers. The seat is nice and warm!!

  9. Becky Newman (verified owner)

    Quite pricey, for what you get but good quality and arrived quickly, box/template is a great idea. Very efficient company. Now just need to build it in 😊

  10. Amanda S. (verified owner)

    A great product I have 4 installed on an island of Ireland working great

  11. Petterson Ribeiro (verified owner)

    I’m very disappointed! Not suitable for mobile home. No accessories to make it suitable. I was told I can’t return it because I cut the box. Description is misleading.

    • Jacob (store manager)

      We’re sorry to hear you don’t feel the product is suitable for your setup. Unfortunately, once you’ve tried to install the product, we can’t take it back for a few reasons (for this particular product, the box is an integral part of it as it has the cutting template printed on one side, which I understand you’ve cut out, and would therefore be unable to return to us as unused). We have read through our product description again and don’t see anything misleading in there – if you could be more specific, we’d love to hear from you.

  12. Nicholas Cross (verified owner)

    Looking forward to using it 🙂

  13. Christopher Harley (verified owner)

    Product and delivery good but the cut out template on the box was covered up by labels and delivery details – not good.

    • Martin Doyle (store manager)

      Sorry that the template on the box was covered – this is out of our control to an extent as courier companies often stick shipping labels and other information anywhere on the box. However, you can also download a PDF of the template from Separetts website:

  14. Angela Baxter (verified owner)

  15. Alister W. (verified owner)

    A great bit of kit at a cracking price,
    everything you need is in the box:-)

  16. Nicholas Cross (verified owner)

    Great product

  17. elisabeth Wagstaff (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, going to order another! Good delivery but had to pay 9e customs duty to ireland…factor this in!!

    • Jacob (store manager)

      Hi Elisabeth. Glad to hear you are happy with your order! We actually have a post-Brexit policy where we’ve decided to cover any customs duties and fees for our customers so if you send us your receipt, we will refund the amount back to your card.

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