Separett Privy 500

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The Separett Privy 500 is an affordable and simple urine separator that enables you to build your own compost toilet. Cutting template is printed on the box for ease of installation.

The Privy 500 is the world’s best selling urine diverter and the Swedish design is trusted the world over as a simple and sustainable way of providing sanitation and capturing the nutrients for further use.



The Separett Privy 500 is a waterless, sometimes referred to as “dry”, urine separating bowl or seat. It works by diverting urine and solid waste to separate compartments, which can then be used as fertiliser or compost. It is portable and can be implemented as a central part of your own compost toilet, should you wish to construct one from scratch. Its Styrofoam seat is also designed for comfort in the cold winter months.

The Privy 500 is a toilet seat and bowl that separates liquid and solid waste – sometimes referred to as a dry toilet or waterless toilet. It can be used as part of your own self-build compost toilet and requires very little space for installation. Comes with the separator, styrofoam seat and lid, 2.5 metres of flexible urine hose and box with a cutting template (printed onto the box). Installation is simple (see video below) and you’re free to make the surround box as utilitarian or complex as you like!

Most people use sawdust, wood shavings or similar as a cover material, so once you’ve ‘been’, you can cover your offering with sawdust to suppress the odours. Just provide your own solids container and run the urine to a soak-away pit (or capture it in a container), and you’re up and running with your own compost toilet!

The styrofoam seat is instantly warm and makes the initial ‘first contact’ a pleasure when used in the colder months! Replacement seats are available online.

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