Separett Privy 501

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The Seprarett Privy 501 is an affordable urine separating toilet bowl or urine diverter, that can be used as part of a simple compost toilet. Simple installation with a cutting template printed onto the box. Now made from GREY recyclable plastic with white seat and lid.

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The Separett Privy 501 is essentially the same bowl design as the Privy 500, but with a standard toilet seat and lid, making it look more conventional in appearance.

The Privy 501 is a toilet seat, lid and bowl that separates liquid and solids. It can be used as part of your own self-build urine-separating compost toilet and requires very little space for installation. Comes with dark grey urine separator, white hygienic seat and lid, 2.5 metres of flexible urine hose and box with a cutting template (printed onto the box). Installation is straightforward (see video below) and you’re free to make the surround box as utilitarian or complex and beautiful as you like!

The Separett Privy 501 is perfect for people who want to build their own compost toilet. Keeping the liquids and solids separate makes it much easier to manage the system and keep it odour-free.

Most people use sawdust, wood shavings or similar as a cover material, so once you’ve ‘been’, you can cover your offering with the cover material to suppress the odours. Just provide your own solids container and run the urine to a soak-away pit (or capture it in a container), and you’re up and running with your own compost toilet!

New for 2020! The Privy 501 separating bowl is now made from a grey recyclable plastic (rather than the previous blue model). The seat is still wipe-clean and durable white plastic.

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Dimensions 45 × 3.75 × 17.1 cm

14 reviews for Separett Privy 501

  1. The Bramblewood Project

    It does what it says on the tin, it’s easy to install and it’s well priced.

  2. Anonymous

    Easy to fit and use.

  3. Paul Hooper

    It’s great, we’re very happy with it.

  4. Oliver

    It’s a fine product. The urine tube is excessively big in my opinion but the product is well made.

  5. Phil Brown

    We use them a lot. It’s a brilliant design and perfect for a woodland situation. They’re great because you can build your own structure and they fit well.

  6. Anonymous

    The product is good albeit pricey, and it works well.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The product is simple and effective. It does what the description on the website says it will. It is easy to integrate into our shed which we built ourselves.

  8. Tim L. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery. Excellent service and great product. Printed template on box a good idea but would improve by adding a centre line and not having delivery documents attached over it.

  9. Richard Percy (verified owner)

  10. Daphne Tucker (verified owner)

    delivery was very fast, all swift, I have used these toilets before, I have a glamping site, I have installed them on 8 different outdoor loos, it really is the best, because it is simple to install, simple to use and clean out. Just follow the instructions as to how to install, but really simple… Oh have to say, in fact this system prevents smell, and reduces the bulk, feces disappear !!!

  11. Hamish (verified owner)

  12. Angela (verified owner)

    Fast delivery excellent experience

  13. Michael Buckley (verified owner)

    Good delivery bit expensive

    privy separett
  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Efficient service, pleasant staff very helpful.

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