Separett Rescue Camping Toilet


Separett Rescue Camping Toilet


Item code: 1165-01

The Separett Rescue Camping Toilet is perfectly suited for use while camping, including during festivals and other situations where you are off the grid. It is also useful on building sites and boats that do not have the appropriate facilities. Affordable and highly portable, it separates liquid and solid waste to minimise capacity, facilitating the composting and fertilisation of the soil.

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The Separett Rescue Camping Toilet is the perfect solution for when you need a reliable, temporary toilet. It takes a matter of moments to assemble and has a robust, cross leg design, for peace of mind while in use. Despite its portability, the Rescue Camping Toilet is highly durable and easy to clean.

The toilet itself drains urine through a pipe, which runs into the ground underneath, under which a small hole should be dug. For solid waste, there is a compostable bag that collects everything. It can then be used to fertilise the ground it is disposed upon. The compostable bags are specially designed to not decay for 4 weeks, which means it is durable while being used and during disposal.

It is recommended that you do not use the Rescue Camping Toilet in close proximity to drinking water, such as a well or spring. The same rule applies for the disposal of solid waste, where a distance of 50 meters is required.

Although the compostable bags are resealable, the toilet should be used in a well-ventilated area as, unlike most models in the Separett range, there is no fan in the Rescue Camp Toilet. Depending on your circumstances, the waste can be buried under sawdust, leaf mould or other natural materials to minimise odours effectively.

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