Separett Straight Connector Pipe 75mm

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The Straight Connector Pipe 75mm is for use with Separett’s Villa 9000, 9010 and Weekend range only. Please ensure that it is with these models that you are planning on using this product with.

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The 75mm Straight Connector Pipe is a replacement vent pipe that comes with the standard, waterless Separett Villa 9000 and 9010 models. It is also a part of the Weekend range of compost toilets. It is vital that when replacing existing piping that all new parts are properly sealed with the relevant silicone, for risk of leakage and significant damage to property.

Genuine Separett straight 75mm OD (outer diameter) vent pipe connector enables you to join two sections of 75mm vent pipe together for a longer run. It’s suitable for vent pipes used on the Separett Villa and Weekend range.

Separett recommends that the maximum vent pipe length should not exceed 4 metres for models that have 12v fans (such as the Villa 9010 and Weekend) and 8 metres for the Villa 9000. We also advise that joints should have some silicone sealer applied to hold them in place and ensure an airtight seal is formed.

White UV resistant plastic. Recyclable.

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