WooWoo GT LUX Cassette 120 – Starter Pack

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The WooWoo GT LUX Cassette is an ultra low-profile ‘split’ composting toilet system that comes with a non-urine diverting porcelain pedestal for that ‘at home’ feeling. Requiring just 40cm clearance between the ground and the floor above, it’s incredibly easy and fool-proof to use. An ideal ‘upmarket’, non-separating, waterless toilet for shepherd huts, caravans and glamping pods where limited space exists under the floor.


Introducing the WooWoo GT LUX Cassette starter pack – a unique, waterless composting toilet system that comes complete with a porcelain pedestal for ‘at home’ comfort and superb ease of use, and a unique low-profile collection and composting chamber that needs as little as 40cm clearance from the ground to the floor above.


Known as a ‘split’ system (where the toilet pedestal and collection container are separate), the GT LUX Cassette has all the benefits of the existing GT LUX, but with a greatly reduced height requirement for the composting/collection chamber. Like the GT LUX, the GT LUX Cassette comes with a porcelain non-separating pedestal, making it incredibly easy to use – no worries about urine separation in the bowl!

  • Ultra low-profile collection chamber: 120-litre container height is under 33cm, requires 40cm clearance under the building, hut, or dwelling
  • Elegant porcelain toilet pedestal: all the comfort and feeling of home with a soft close seat and lid
  • Non urine-separating bowl: – no more worries about seating positions and mixing solids and liquids
  • Efficient composting ability: unique passive capillary moisture level regulation and active ventilation
  • Easy to service: low maintenance for the operator – swapping the composting/collection chamber can be done in under 15 minutes
  • Choice of ventilation: choose either the electric fan or the wind-powered fan according to the installation
  • Good capacity: 120-litre containers (two supplied) offer a good working capacity
  • Durable: the only moving part is the fan. Other components are long-lasting and high-quality
  • Ecological: genuinely ‘green’ – uses no water, minimal (if any) power, turns waste into a safe compost!

Why choose the WooWoo GT LUX Cassette?

The GT LUX Cassette offers all the benefits of the GT LUX but with a much lower height requirement under the building or hut, for the collection and composting chamber. Previously, the GT LUX 120 required a minimum of 80 cm clearance, but this is reduced to an amazing 40cm with the GT LUX Cassette, making it ideal for shepherd huts, glamping pods, caravans etc.

The elegant drop-through porcelain pedestal removes the possibility of accidental misuse (there is no requirement for male users to sit down for example), is easy to clean (you can even use a little water to clean the bowl) and needs no special instructions for use, unlike a urine-diverting toilet.

How does it work?

The WooWoo GT system is a proven collection and composting system that is proven in the UK and over the world in all climates (Icelandic tundra to Australian desert). Urine and faeces drop through into the lower composting/collection chamber and the composting process will start. Excess moisture is either evaporated through the ventilation system, consumed by the composting process or will run out as leachate (to an external container or a small soak-away pit).

As the owner, you can choose to either ask guests to place a handful of woodshavings (or another suitable carbon-based material) after each solid use (not needed after a wee), or you can place the equivalent amount every few days or every week (which makes it easier for the user).

The unique removable inner base in all WooWoo GT systems provides a capillary link from the composting mass above, the reservoir below – if the mass above is too wet, excess liquid will get drawn down, and conversely, if the mass is too dry, the liquid is drawn up to ensure the right conditions exist for composting to take place within the container.

Because the WooWoo GT LUX Cassette is less tall than the standard 120-litre container, it may require some manual levelling of the contents every couple of weeks to ensure even distribution within the cassette and not just under the waste chute. The starter kit comes with two cassettes (one in use and one ‘composting’), however, you can empty the contents into another composting container at any time, to free up a cassette and bring it back into use.

Technical Specifications

  • Cassette dimensions: height 325 mm, width 600 mm, depth 800 mm
  • Maximum cassette capacity is 120 litres (actual capacity will depend on usage and maintenance)
  • Minimum clearance between ground and floor: 400mm (40cm / 16inches)
  • Vent pipe diameter: 110mm
  • Waste chute diameter: 200mm (20cm)
  • Porcelain pedestal: height 400mm, width 357mm, depth 520mm

What comes with the WooWoo GT LUX Cassette Starter Kit?

The WooWoo GT LUX Cassette starter kit is delivered on a pallet and comprises the following items:

  • 2 x 120-litre cassette composter with double base
  • Porcelain pedestal with soft-close seat and a lid
  • Ventilation pipes 3 x 100 cm sections (ø110mm), 2 x 50 cm flexible pipes (with brackets and ventilation pipe cap)
  • Waste chute, 20 cm in diameter, 50 cm long
  • Leachate canister with liquid hose 150 cm (ø32mm)

In addition, you can choose either of these ventilation options:

  • Electric inline duct fan – high powered (three-speed levels) 230v AC, IPX2 rated
  • Electric duct fan – 230v AC or 12v DC (when connected to mains, speed can be altered
  • Wind-fan – highly efficient in black finish
  • No fan – you must source your own assisted ventilation fan – the WooWoo GT MUST have some ventilation via a fan.

The electric inline, high-powered duct fan is suitable for use where the ventilation pipe is either long, or has additional bends etc. Bends will obstruct and slow down air flow, possibly impeding efficient ventilation. This fan will ensure 100% odour removal.

The 230/12V van has a lower air speed and is suitable for short (<4m) and straight ventilation pipe runs. It can run from 12v DC or 230v AC (in which case, the speed controller can be optimised to the best speed).

The wind fan is suitable when the toilet is installed in an outbuilding that is not airtight (ie has natural ventilation). The wind fan cannot be used unless the site has good airflow ie not in the lee of trees or buildings. The taller/higher the vent pipe is, the better performance you’ll get. The wind fan requires no electricity and is therefore ideal for off-grid installations.


Click on the links below to download the file:

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User Manual [coming shortly]

Additional information

Weight 40 kg

230v Electric high-powered Inline, 12/230v Electric inline, Wind-fan (black), No fan


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