WooWoo GT

Completely off-grid, high-capacity and low maintenance composting toilet system

Waterless, odourless, and completely off-grid. The WooWoo GT is your perfect high capacity, low maintenance composting toilet solution!

The WooWoo GT 120 and 330 composting toilets are completely off-grid, requiring no water or electricity, yet provide a simple, odourless experience for the user and are simple to service and maintain for the owner.

Composting takes place within the container (known as batch composting) and the unique capillary base system ensures that optimum moisture levels are maintained by allowing excess leachate to drain out when there’s too much (either to a container or a soak-away pit), or by drawing it back up into the composting mass if it gets too dry.

The WooWoo GT Starter Packs come with two containers, so one can be composting whilst the other is in use. If you need to extend your capacity, just purchase additional containers.

WooWoo GT 120 Family Pack

Capillary base - automatically regulates moisture levels

To promote rapid composting, controlling the moisture level is key. The WooWoo GT does this with the unique capillary base which automatically allows excess liquids to drain through if the composting mass is too wet, and conversely, draws moisture back up (from the lower sump) if it’s too dry. This phenomenal technology is a spin-off from the horticultural industry and is unique to the WooWoo GT products.

WooWoo GT capilliary base detail
WooWoo GT composting toilet in cabin diagram

So easy to use!

For the user, they just go as they would with any other toilet – the only difference is that after each solid use, a scoop of sawdust or wood shavings is dropped in. Because this isn’t based around a urine separator, the user can’t do anything wrong. And of course, guys don’t need to sit down to urinate, and if a lady wants to hover, that’s fine too!

The sawdust or shavings provide the carbon to go with the nitrogen in the urine/faeces, and together with some moisture and oxygen, they make the perfect compost recipe!

Odour free

Almost from the first use, the composting process will start, as our wonderful and naturally-occuring bacteria friends will be busy converting the contents into a safe, sweet smelling, beneficial compost, and as they work, they also reduce the odours too. A passive (non-electric) ventilation system draws any remaining odours up and away, aided by the free-spinning wind vent.

Black Wind Fan

Install it your way

As a batch composting system, the WooWoo GT units will probably require you to create a structure around them to suit your style and taste. Above the active WooWoo GT container is an adjustable chute that connects the container to the underneath of the toilet bench. You can use the included polystyrene seat (very warm in winter!) or any other toilet seat if you prefer. 

The building can then be styled to your taste or fit in with the surroundings. The user just sees the toilet seat and won’t know what’s happening underneath! If you need some help or inspiration, detailed plans for suitable buildings are available from us.

example plans for WooWoo GT Building

High capacity and extendable

The WooWoo GT starter pack comes with two containers, so when one is full, it’s moved out of use and the new one brought into play. The full container can now continue to compost for six months or more, so when it comes to emptying, you’re only handling finished compost.

The GT 120 has a capacity of around 250 solids uses per container, whilst each of the GT 330 containers has a capacity of around 800 solids uses. If you need more capacity, you can buy more containers.

Warmer weather will generally extend the capacity of the WooWoo GT system due to increased evaporation and accelerated composting.

Building from rear with WooWoo GT 330 toilet installed

Kind to the environment

Depending on type of use and ambient temperature, a small amount of liquid ‘leachate’ may be discharged from the WooWoo GT system. This comes out of a flexible pipe at the base and can be captured in a 10 or 20 litre container that will need checking on a weekly basis, or where possible, run into a small soak-away pit. This ‘leachate’ can be poured around trees and bushes to act as a natural fertiliser, or disposed of down a suitable drain.

The only other thing that comes out is compost! Because the ‘ingredients’ are added in a controlled way (nitrogen from the human waste, carbon from the cover material) with air and moisture all balanced, you have the perfect environment for composting to take place.

WooWoo GT 330 - changing the containers

Completely off-grid & low maintenance

Once installed, the WooWoo GT system needs no water or electricity, so it’s truly off-grid, waterless and can be installed almost anywhere. 

With it’s simple but clever capillary base design and free-spinning wind vent, the WooWoo GT system harnesses the power of nature at its best to create a low-maintenance, highly efficient batch composting toilet system.

Proven the world over, expertly made in Finland

Whatever the weather, the WooWoo GT system continues to perform. Units have been installed in both hot and cold climates from Iceland to the Australian outback, and in settings that range from individual houses to national parks.

The WooWoo GT series has been expertly designed and manufactured by our friends at Pikkuvihreä in Finland.

Does not require water

Does not require Electricity

Simple for everyone to use

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