WooWoo Loo
Installation Info

Whilst the below may have been discussed on the phone or by email, it’s important to read through it to ensure a smooth process prior to delivery and on the day of installation of your WooWoo Loo.

Unless otherwise agreed, the wooden building usually arrives by transport company a few days before installation. The installer will bring the other parts required. If it’s possible to store the floor of the building under cover, to keep it dry, that would be a great help!

Siting the WooWoo Loo

The WooWoo Loo uses a solar panel to charge a battery, which in turn provides the power to run the fan that makes the toilet odour-free. In order to ensure the battery gets enough charge, the solar panel needs to be in direct sunlight for most of the day, with no significant shading from trees or buildings. 

Solar Panel Diagram

The solar panel can be fitted on either side of the building roof and will ideally face south, although south-east or south-west will work too.

If you’re unsure, please send us a photograph, standing at the location you’d like the WooWoo Loo in, facing south. If you’re assessing the site in winter, will leaves on the trees in summer have an impact (i.e. will they block the sunlight)? Additionally, if assessing in summer, will the longer shadows of winter cause an issue (assuming you need it operating over winter).

Installation Diagram

A level base

Prior to installation, you will need to have created a level base for the building to sit on. Suitable bases include poured concrete, concrete slabs laid on sand and crushed/compacted hardcore. The idea is that the base is level and free-draining which will ensure a long life for the building.

The base needs to be 1.2 metres square for the building, although you might want to extend it in front of the building for mud-free access!

Soakaway pit

The soakaway pit should be located at the rear of the building, or to one side if that’s easier. The soakaway should be approximately 50cm x 50cm x 50cm and filled with gravel and/or harecore, leaving 5-10cm from the ground level. We will run the semi-flexible urine pipe into the top of the soakaway, which can later be covered with soil, a weed membrane, concrete slab or grass etc.

The soakaway pit should not be closer than 10 metres from a watercourse.

Site access

Please advise us of any access issues for vehicles to your site. For example, your WooWoo Loo might be located in a garden that has a narrow (1.2m wide) path for access, so we’d need to know how far it is from where we can park to the installation location. 

Other installations might be in hard to reach areas, in which case, can you provide any assistance in moving the parts to the installation site?

Get in contact if you have any questions or concerns

We’re here to help you and your users get the best from the WooWoo Loo off-grid waterless toilet. With many years of experience and access to a full range of consumables and parts, we’re happy to help. You can call us on 020 3051 0738 or send us an email at


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