Separett Tiny – Concealing Flap upgrade guide

With the concealing flap upgrade now available for everyone who has purchased a Separett Tiny from us, we’ve pooled the information from Separett, together with our own thoughts, to help you fit the upgrade.

What was the issue with the original concealing flap?

Firstly, it should be noted that many users have not found any issues at all with the operation of the concealing flap. However, some users reported that the concealing flap wasn’t always opening fully when you sat down on the Tiny to use it. This was more pronounced for lighter weight people and children.

In addition, some users told us that when they shifted their weight forward (when wiping for example), the screen started to close a little. This happens because the mechanism is operated from pressure at the rear of the seat and could be quite sensitive to weight (see above problem).

What does the upgrade consist of?

The upgrade consists of two key components that need to be changed by the user, and a tool to remove/tighten the screws:

Concealer flap upgrade kit for Separett Tiny
  1. Replacement springs – the springs have different stiffness (compared to the original specification) and enable the seat (which actuates the opening system) to move down with less weight, thereby opening the concealing flap for lighter weight users.
  2. Replacement ‘shark fin’ cam – the cam is located on the top of the concealing flap mechanism, and is activated by the pressure of the seat coming down (i.e. when you sit) and in turn, this swings the flaps open. The new cam has a different profile and a more definitive action, swinging the flaps out of the way and keeping them fully open.
  3. A T25 bit/screwdriver to enable the screws to be removed and tightened.

The upgrade has been extensively tested by ourselves in the UK (with help from some willing volunteer customers) and in other regions across the world. In every case, there was a marked improvement in the operation of the concealing flap with users commenting that it opened easier (ie with less weight/pressure), stayed open as needed and had a ‘definitive’ closing action when the user stood up.

How to perform the upgrade

The upgrade is straightforward – we suggest you work slowly and methodically. When you remove the old components, immediately set them to one side to ensure you don’t get them mixed up with the new ones.

Printed instructions will come with the upgrade kit, however, you can also download the PDF (see below). Read the instructions carefully, making sure you understand what is required at each step.

To help you further, watch this short video from Separett, which shows the steps involved:

How do you get the upgrade kit?

Everyone who has purchased a Separett Tiny from us will be emailed with details of how to get the upgrade kit. If you have not received your email (check your spam folder), or if your email address has changed since you made your purchase, please get in touch with one of our friendly team.

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