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Install an airhead composting toilet

It's so simple, here's how it works.

Air Head composting toilets work by separating liquids from solids automatically through the unique design of the toilet bowl.

The lever on the side can be opened to allow solids to pass through into the lower half, and closed again to hide the contents.

Air Head How to use the Hatch
Turn the lever on the side to open the solids container for use.

The solids tank can last up to sixty uses giving plenty of time between empties for full time users.

Solids container

Air Head Agitator
The whole base of the unit is the solids container and has an integrated agitator

The solid matter is separated into the large container which is initially primed with coir ‘brick’ (a peat substitute). The coir helps to absorb any excess liquid from the solid matter keeping the solid material dry and odourless. The solid matter is agitated to help the decomposition process by breaking it up and keeping it aerated.

Liquid container

Air Head Removing Liquid Container
Easily removable liquids container. Takes seconds and without the need to open and ‘see’ the solids

Liquids are collected in the smaller forward tank which holds 7.5 litres (7 litres in practical terms). Its wide-mouthed aperture will keep the contents emptying smoothly at a suitable location. 

An optional paper bowl liner acts as a carrier for solid matter on its way to the solids tank.

Air Head Lid Open
Air head fully sealed toilet pan


The unit has a low-power 12-volt fan at the end of the flexible vent hose that provides a constant negative pressure to pull moisture and odour out of the toilet. Even after long lay-ups, there is no holding tank smell.


By separating liquids from solids, the volume of solid human matter is significantly reduced. Air Head’s approximate 22 litres capacity means that up to a season’s worth of weekend use may be held. This is approximately 80 uses. Full-time use, 60 uses which is around a month’s worth.

The liquid tank will hold 7.5 litres, which is approximately two to three days use per person if used exclusively, although we recommend daily emptying regardless.

Will it Fit? What about the venting options?

The Air Head is one of the most compact composting toilets available today. Visit our dimensions page for information on sizes and venting options or click here.

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